Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Wednesday Humps!

I’m dieing here…

Yep I went home early with the Gral. Mgrs. permission; stomach was bad although the indigestion only lasted one day, yesterday I felt faint, well sure, I didn’t eat anything but a banana and a chicken soup since Monday, what kind of food is that? So now I have heartburn, and a very bad one.

I don’t like to ask permissions much to leave my work especially when I have a mortal enemy across the building, the parrots from HR, so yes I was waiting some talk about me leaving the company without telling anybody this morning, which it happened, which made my stomach pain, which made my pancreas hurt, which made my stomach more pain and so on. My anger management program is not helping this way people; soon I’ll die greener than Oscar the Grouch if I keep like this.

But I was happy while I was at home, mom made me a chicken soup and rice, I was in heaven for about an hour, my parents stayed with me at home all afternoon until it was almost time to leave. Now you know how delicate it is to have certain excitements when you have stomach problems right? Well, it was 9:30 pm and BF was not home yet, again, I called his cell and didn’t get any answer, I freaked out, my dad freaked out with me and my mom was not helping, she kept saying “Maybe he’s with somebody else and doesn’t want to answer your phone calls, or maybe he just doesn’t want you to call him anymore”. What the!? No, BF is not like that, I just know it, dammit, right there I felt my stomach crumble.

Anyway, after 20 attempts finally BF picked up the phone screaming and I could hear the loud background music and lots of weird talking; he was at Mission Bay with his family celebrating New Year’s Eve, oh well at least he’s not half dead or with another woman, he asked how my stomach was doing to what I said it was a bit better but not well, and the next thing he says that makes my stomach hurt from my throat to the end of my stomach till right this second is “That’s great, well then as this party isn’t going to end till midnight I’m not going back home tonight so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow”.

After telling my parents what happened they were still not making it any more less uncomfortable, worst after my father said, “yep, he sure doesn’t care about you, he rather have a good time in his new year’s party than being here with you taking care of you just like a loving couple should be, yes, there is definitely no love in this relationship”.

Grrumbbllee Grrrummbbllleee…oouuccchhhh!

Thanks dad, that’s just what I needed.

Happy Humpday Everyone!

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