Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wednesday AS IF Friday Quickie!

I’m outta here…

Today is my last day in this joint; I’ll be on vacation till next Monday (Thank you god!).

In the mean time we’re having more rain, nice, now we’ll grow more holes on the street, which means more broken tires. So much for spring, give me a break will ya?

And the weekend looks like this starting tonight:

Wednesday night: Movie night 2 x 1 ticket with a friend (woo hoo!) we’re watching The Ring 2 or Robots which ever comes first.

Thursday: Have brunch with long time friend, zzzweeeet!

Friday: Fix dinner at parents house and play some cards…probably

Saturday: Clean house? Hell no!

Sunday: Bang my head on the wall till I loose conscience.

Happy Wednesday AS IF Friday Everyone!

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