Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Tummy Ache!

This feels awful…

I ate so much on Saturday I felt exploding my guts out. Why is it that some people don’t understand when you tell them “No thank you, I already ate”? This happens to me every single time I go to BF’s sister’s house; I hate it; I’m on a diet where I take some pills that make me gag every time I over eat the regular amount of food, but I hate puking so I always hold it, and hold it till I get sick and still I am not puking because it’s freaking disgusting! Then I get really sick and this is what I am right now, sick.

I was feeling great, I ate a burger for lunch, then two hours later I ate a little piece of cake, ok, dessert doesn’t harm anybody, but then I felt full, so it means I should stop it, ‘cause I’m full. Well, we go to their house and the first thing they do after saying hello is put a big tray of fruit, give you a dish and a knife and stick the fruit basket up your nose till you take a piece and if you’re not taking any then they give you 3 pieces of fruit, just so you understand you Should eat, is not an option. So there I am feeling full after the piece of cake I ate 30 minutes before and now I’m eating 3 pieces of fruit, then they give me chips, I say no, BF doesn’t take no’s for an answer, so he shoves a bunch of flaming cheeto’s inside my mouth. I started to feel dizzy; an hour later, dinner was ready, with my green face I say to my boyfriend I can’t eat, I’m so full I’m about to throw up, he doesn’t believe me, so he tells me to eat just a little bit so I don’t turn them down and be rude; I am not being rude, and if I eat one more thing I am going to throw up in front of your sister; he didn’t listen to me and gave me a dish of rice and something with beans inside and a side of mashed potatoes. I am only able to eat 3 spoons and that’s it.

To make the long story short, I’m suffering the consequences since yesterday with a killer headache, right after I drank a cup of coffee, big mistake, I didn’t eat anything else but a banana for breakfast and a cup of ramen chicken soup for dinner because this time I felt if I ate something else I would really throw up. So now I’m just waiting for my tummy to feel better, I’m on an only liquid diet, and a granola bar and chamomile tea, oh yes, good ole chamomile tea.

Last night I punched BF in the stomach so he felt what I’m feeling. Next time his family comes over to my house I’m going to Make them eat my Mexican food with lots of salsa and hot chilly, and they better not say no or I’ll shove it through the arses!

And if they ever force me to eat their dinner when I’m full I am really puking on their dishes.

I have had Enough!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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