Wednesday, March 09, 2005

If you're not Blonde and Skinny!

Then you don't belong here...

Nutter Industries has this strange policy regarding hiring people. Besides that everybody has to pass through the entire company for interview and decide by anonymous vote if everybody likes you or not you have to pass by the weight scale and a bleaching test.

Yes, believe it or not we are still in an era where the physical appearance is the weapon for your success, now I thought that was already a void issue because it became a law to not discriminate anybody with physical impediment and all companies should be an equal opportunity employment, but that is not the case here at Nutter Industries.

To my surprise, since I started working in this money laundry company I realized all the office girls in my company have something in particular with 3 B’s: Big Breasts, Big Butt, Beautiful Body.

Now, Drama Queen and I are the only exception for the rule because I don’t fill out the requirements by its total, neither does Drama Queen but it doesn’t matter because we are not in the office area and we belong to the Production Department where my old boss belongs and he doesn’t care how we are as long as we do our job right.

But that’s not the case with the administration girls in my company, as I said before, they all have the same in common, all the chicks are hot and boobilicious and they are all single. What a coincidence.

This afternoon to my surprise I heard that one of the operators was not going to be accepted to work here because she’s how can I make it sweeter…too fat to work.

How is it measured that somebody because of its appearance is not capable to do its job right? I don’t understand, sure the woman is obese but that doesn’t stop her from assembling little water pumps I mean come on, is not like she’s going to do a hard work that needs elasticity and fitness, she’s just going to assemble little water pumps. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!

So the “damage” is done, she’s been hired and now one of the Beyotches at HR wants her out because she’s fat and she can’t work, (how do they know that if they haven't given the woman the chance to show it) and she doesn’t look good in the production line laying her fat ass in those tiny little high chairs so now the woman doesn’t know but they’re going to wait until she can’t reach the production standard to kick her out of here.

Did I mention that the company is searching for a new receptionist? But above all the knowledge and experience, she needs to be blond, with perfect body and single; now let’s be realistic people please, Mexico doesn’t have those qualities in one girl, and if there are any they girl must be hired already as a supermodel or an actress; so now imagine how hard it is for them to find the Barbie they’re looking for; they’ve been looking for her since almost a year now.; good to know they have patience.

Things like these make me want to throw up, really I am serious.

Does this mean I have to be thankful because I wasn’t hired by those two beyotches? I am an overweight brunette.

Damn, now I know why those two have something against me.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Steph said...

That's just so lame. They should just go to TJ and kidnap an unwitting gringa from San Diego State and keep her dosed on narcotics to make her do their bidding. It's a sound plan--bring it up at the next meeting and I guarantee you a promotion ;)

Yoli said...

That's a great idea. Inhumane...but great!