Friday, March 18, 2005

Grouchy Friday Quickie!

Move or I’ll bite…

I am NOT in a nice mood today. So anybody in my company who will even try to look at me funny will get a bite out of me.

And just to make sure I am not in a nice mood I am wearing a girly t-shirt reading “I’m a Sweet Princess”

Bwaahaaa…shut up!

We’re having more rain this afternoon, I brought my big ass umbrella that covers most of a block, I don’t know why I bought it so big, it was on sale at Costco and couldn’t resist it; anyway, as I was getting out of my car and still I can’t measure the distance between my big ass umbrella and the space where I’m walking I hit/scratched/bumped about 4 or 5 cars including mine on my way out of the parking lot.

Bwaaahahahaa…shut up!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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