Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Quickieeee!

Can I scream please...

I've been trying all morning to post comments on Blogger and it's not working, I remember long time ago before blogger had its own commenting section I had haloscan but when I changed my template I screwed everything.

In my anguish to recover my comments back to how it was before I found my haloscan comments hidden between the little codes, hurray!

Now, I can't get the comments to go up the little dashes and they're stuck in the bottom, I know is nothing serious, I didn't loose my information but, the little dashes are over my comments and it looks like the comments belong to the other post!


I've been trying all afternoon and well I have lost and recovered comments and other crap back and forth and the little dashes are still not moving.

If my blog was a human being I would have strangle it till asfixiation.

To hell with it, I'll have to live with that now for the rest of the weekend.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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