Thursday, March 31, 2005

Electric Thursday!

Hell, my hair is aaaaaa mess…

Today, Santana feel like weather and I came here with loose hair, oh but while the weather was beautiful and no wind at all I had to wear my hair buns and pig tails, but not today, no, hot sexy Yoli now looks like a crazy witch.


Did I mention static is bad for me? No? Well then let me explain; every time there’s windy weather and the electrons are running around like crazy around my hair, I freak out, which means I can hardly open my eyes, which means my hands feel antsy, which means I can’t work, which means complete hell because I can’t get my work done on time.

So, I am going to ask someone to lend me its arm while I discharge my electric shocks to before I scream of anguish.

Any volunteers? No? I’ll give you a blueberry muffin…no?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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