Thursday, March 03, 2005

Damn Book!

I'm loosing it, I know I'm loosing it...

Sunday I went to buy me some lunch time entertainment, books (geeky) I bought 4 books which 2 were about psychology and the other 2 were about theological science. I was drooling when I saw a 6 volume book about the relation between science, religion and Philosophy but it’s was a 100 dollars and I could not afford it, either was the book or my washer machine; I had to go for the washer, the book will have to wait later.

So I had no other choice but to buy the other books which are ok but not so much. When I went back home I started reading a book with the title “How we are and how the people sees us”. I have a rule that is irrefutable, if a book makes you fall asleep is one of two things, either is not the book you’re interested in or the book is way crappy; in my case I was interested in the subject but the book was good to use as toilet paper, it’s so bad I can’t finish it, it’s worst than crappy, it’s….yeah you get my point.

The book is all about the way we reflect our personality in a negative way and it doesn’t give us any guide on how to change that bad reflection of ourselves, it just gives a bunch of depressing examples on a routine life where the woman is always the victim and it tells us how we should answer to those people who are aggressive towards our bad reflection. WTF! I bought a feminist book, I am against feminism and I am reading this crap? You have got to be kidding me! Actually this book is not being friendly with depressed people, it takes their lower self esteem down the drain with all those crappy explanations. So yesterday was the last day I read that book, I am going to exchange it for something more interesting, I’ll see what they have.

And I am going to sue that damn editorial for giving me a bad influence, last night I fixed Bf a sandwich for today’s lunch and invited him for dinner last night and well he knows he doesn’t deserve it. Damn book! Next thing I’ll know I’ll be cleaning his dirty laundry again and forget he left me sleeping alone. Damn freakin’ ass book!

I’m so angry with myself for not being hard on myself. I’ll have to think of something quick, or is it that I am loosing my temper as I’m getting older? Damn book!

From now on, I’m going to blame that damn book for everything that happens to me and my relationship with BF. Damn book!

Changing subject here…

There’s a new guy in our building, this guy is doing his college practice in the production area, his name is Ramses, yes, that’s right, Ramses, what kind if twisted mind did this guy’s mother had when she thought of naming his son Ramses? Hell no! Anyway, all the girls in my company (we’re 7 girls) say he’s so cuuute; I think all of them freaking women need glasses, it’s either that or they haven’t have fresh young men’s blood besides them for a long time now; the guy is 21 years old, he’s a baby between all of the parrots except for me I’m the lil’ole one in the company I’m just 25, the rest are over 30. He looks kinda arab, Drama queen says she likes him for me, no thank you, I’ve had enough middle eastern sperm in my body to think I want some more, I think I’ll pass, although it would not be a bad idea to begin the bad side, the dirty flirting side if you know what I mean; I already know he’s kind of attracted to me because every time he talks to me for something he’s always giggling like a nervous little girl, so it wouldn’t take me much of an effort to have his attention. I’ll think about what I’m going to do have some fun, in the mean time, I’ll just flirt around with the guy and see what I get from him.

Damn book!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Pup said...

Oh, there's some cool books that I have I think you'd enjoy.

The psychology of religion is good.

Learned Optimism is really good too.

I say screw the book though. Philosphical answers are in a bottle. If it's not in the one you just finished, try the next one :)

Yoli said...

I think I'll search for the psychology of religion, sounds interesting, the other one doesn't ring my bell much. Thanks for the suggestions :)

Steph said...

Uh oh, fresh meat. Have fun but be careful... :)

boo said...

i think... it's good to flirt... and see... where it leads you... keeping your options open... means... that you will make... an "informed" decision... about who... you want to be with... sees me... Queen of the two boy... theory.....