Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Daddy's Little Spider!

That's me if you're asking...

My dad is one of the people who find animal characteristics in other people. For example he would say "Oh look, that guy over there looks like a constipated worm", how does he know how constipated worms look like, I don't know but once you look at the guy's face, he does look like a constipated worm.

Anyway, when I was born my dad was the first one to see me in my little crystal box, I was born with hair, lots of hair, and I mean lots and the first thing that came into my dad's mind was that I looked either like a baby tarantula or one of those little monkeys called gremlins and that's not only because I had lots of hair but because my eyes were so tight together and my brows would pop up so much my dad said "You looked like you had 4 eyes instead of 2".

Of course, naming your kid "Tarantula" is not nice for others to hear, besides the kid would have mental problems in the future. So my dad gave me the name of "Little Spider", and where ever I was, my dad, mom and brother would call me "Little Spider", and it didn't matter if it was in public but it's a family thing I guess, I wasn't the only one with a nickname, my brother had one too; he was the Aztec King "Cuauhtemoc"; although is a real name in my country still is embarassing if someone calls you like that just to make fun of you.

You might think the name calling stopped when I grew up, well no, my dad would call me "Little Spider" even at school, high school and the beginning of my college years until I ran out of my parents claws; and it wasn't because of the name calling in public, that I could bear, but the fights over who used the computer the most was the reason, but that's another story.

Up til this date, from time to time when I speak to my dad over the phone he says "How's my Little Spider doing today?", but I don't mind, it just brings me good memories when I was a little girl, a teenager and a partial adult.

A few years ago when my dad showed me a baby picture of me when I was a week old, the first thing I said was "Dad, you were right, I look like a baby tarantula".

Man was I an ugly little baby; good thing my mom didn't see me first or she would've thought she gave birth to a mutant spider.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Steph said...

Aw, little...spider?! Ew. But isn't it great that your dad loved you even though you looked like a tarantula? That's parental love for ya. :)

Yoli said...

Dad didn't have a choice, I look just like him..LOL

SJ said...

If I'd had that nickname, I'd have to be committed. Just mention a spider to me and I start to itch (like they are crawling on me). Yoli, you don't make me itch. What a good thing.

I'm still "Footsie" to my family. My dad named me that because my feet always stuck out of the blanket after they covered me up. My sisters still call me 'Foots.'

Yoli said...

Aw see, footsie is always a cute name, cute cute cute.
Good thing I don't make you itch, dust mites make me itch, which means people make me itch...oh...I'm itchy now.

Pup said...

If you ever decide to leave your present job, there's always life for you in the local gangs.

Little spider would be a cool gang name.

I see animals in other people too! It helps pass the time in meetings.

Tricia said...


Hello little spider!

My neighbor calls her son 'booger nose', but that's not really an animal :P