Wednesday, March 02, 2005


This is no fun…

Alright, I have to make some adjustments in my life now because is no longer fun, I have so much time in my hands and I don’t know what to do with it. Sure I would sign in to the gym cause I really could use some weight off my body but I’m too lazy for that. Or I could join a study group but unfortunately there aren’t any in my hood, so now I’m so stuck inside my parents home and that’s exactly the least place I needed to be. Not only do I have to show my “yes I screwed up and I’m sorry for making you think you’ll have grandchildren soon” face in front of them but also I have to listen to their crap about the crap I made with my life after I decided I would love me instead of loving BF.

“There, there sweetie, soon you’ll get over it and find someone else who will be worthy of you”.


As I no longer make lunch for 2 it makes it easier for me to make a quick unhealthy sandwich for myself and have the rest of the afternoon off; the same will happen over the weekend as I will no longer do the laundry for 2 but only my tiny little undies so I’ll have tons of hours free to poke my face for pimples. Of course I know that will never happen because my dad is already planning on moving me in with them. I don’t think so dad.

It took me a lot of time and effort to be alone and enjoy my loneliness to have it go away just like that, oh no.

With all of this you think I broke up with BF but actually that’s not exactly what happened. We had a very nice “chat” about how big a mistake it was for him to move into my house and after he told me that living together didn’t mean he had to spend the night every day because he is not my husband and I am not his wife but only a friend (excuse me!) we (him) decided he should move out, but he will stay in my house until he finds another job and a place he can afford in the US because the man is tired of coming back and forth and waking up so early in the morning he doesn’t have enough time to rest (that’s why he spends the night at his “nephew’s” house-let’s call it that- at least once a week).

Now I don’t take crap from anybody, you already know that; and my lack of trust towards anybody is huge so why BF should be the exception? That’s the reason why we had that nice “chat”.

So we are only partners huh? Ok, well that means it’s not my responsibility to cook for him or clean for him or wash his stinking clothes right? Because I’m nothing more than a friend. Boy was I wrong for two freaking long years!

I’ll clear out something for those who live outside my country and have a different perception of living together.

My culture, although is trying to live the western style still has very strong morals and thoughts about a couple living in together without marriage, which is not exactly a very positive thing to do. As I live in the border and influenced by the American Culture I don’t mind much if I a decide to live with someone before marrying him, but that doesn’t mean I am going to keep unmarried for long, it’s just a test of whether the relationship will last or not and to make sure I am marrying the right man. It means that I will only live with the man I have chosen to be my husband, is not a simple light decision of a temporary thing because he's the boyfriend at the moment.

My parents are made the very old fashioned way, when I told them I was living with somebody fortunately none of them had a heart attack but my mother was very devastated and my dad disillusioned by the fact he would not take his little girl to the altar dressed in white as he thought he would. And the thing that they keep my relationship with Bf as a big secret between the family members has a lot to say about what they think.

So my task for this week will be going back to my old ways, looking back to my friends and see what they’ve been up to in the last couple of years and try to get my social life back together.

So, where’s the party at this weekend? Count me in ‘cause I’m going!

Happy Humpday Everyone!


evilsciencechick said...

so sorry you had to go through all that, Yoli!

a "friend"????? bastard. you shouldn't have anything more to do with him!!! find someone who deserves you! who will make YOUR lunch and do YOUR laundry for a change!

*big hugs* sweetie!

Yoli said...

Aw there's nothing to be sorry about, the man has learned his lesson, two days without lunch and no money has taught him to not play with the Yol! Bwaaha

evilsciencechick said...

Pft! Men are such babies.

boo said...

Ah... poor... lovely yoli... blah... to boys... it's some men we want!...

Yoli said...

ESC, boo,

IF 40 years over his shoulders is called a baby or a boy than I am a freaking sperm. LOL