Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wednesday Splat!

This one is new…

It will be more like a Friday quickie but a little bit longer than that. Friday quickies will always be quickies; which reminds me, I haven’t had any quickies for a long time now, but who’s counting?

I have come to a conclusion that I can not and I will repeat, I can not take care of any living creature, I mean any, not even a damn cactus. I’ve had all these sorts of pets, shame on me!

When I was 4 years old my mom bought me 2 baby chicken, oh they were cute with their little colored hair, one was blue and the other one bright pink, I loved my chicken, they were my favorite pets, then one day, they died.

When I was 5, my mom bought me a white rat, I was happy with Minnie the rat, she was my best friend, I took her everywhere I went; then one day, the neighbor’s dog ate my rat.

When I turned 6 one of my mom’s dog had puppies, I kept one and called it fluffy, it was so sweet and tiny, but the happiness did not last for long, one morning my brother took out the car and didn’t see fluffy used to sleep behind the tires. That was an ugly scene.

When I turned 8 my brother and sister gave me a cactus for a present, I was happy with my cactus, I sang songs to it, took it to my room and took care of it; what could have happen to a cactus right? You just have to put a few drops of water every week and that’s it. Well, one day I went on vacations with a cousin and I gave my mom the cactus to take care of it while I was away, she thought cactus supposed to be watered like regular plants. She drowned my cactus.

2 years ago I had a cat, which I loved very much but my work would absorb all the time I would have to take care of my cat and sometimes I ever forgot to feed it; a few months later I had to gave away the cat to an elderly couple because the poor cat would die of starvation if I kept it longer.

Now I have a plant, a beautiful plant my aunt gave me as an open house present, yes I am taking care of it alright, but the humidity and the cold weather and no sun made my plant to grow fungus and it’s dieing; and with all the background I have of killing my own pets I am sure my plant will die, soon, very, very soon.

I am thinking seriously of not having children ever, they maybe eaten by a dog, or grow fungus or be squashed by a tire or maybe I’ll forget to feed them or water them, that wouldn’t be nice, then I would have to go to jail for child neglect.

Happy Humpday Everyone!


Pops said...

Man, killing a cactus... that's not easy. Very impressive.

Nevermind that hamster I was going to mail you now, though.

Yoli said...

Oh no, not a hamster man, they're very cute but they stink like hell. Thanks for thinking of it though.