Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Security of Our Country!

Pft Yeah Right…

I heard on the news last Friday The US Ambassador in Mexico released a letter of notice to all the US citizens to be careful of coming to visit Mexico because of the tremendous insecurity and massive kidnapping that has been going on lately.

Maybe the US Embassy should issue a booklet to the neighbor Americans on how to take precautions when coming over and avoid kidnappers, just like the Mexican Immigration Department issued a little booklet on how to cross the border without papers.

Now that would be funny!

Funnier it is that as soon as that letter was issued to the public eye the Secretary of Exterior Relations in Mexico sent another notice to our nice President Fox with a FYI notice, just in case you didn’t know, you know. And well, now there’s a whole back and forth about why they had to do that for if we are the nice people who are always cooperating with you and why didn’t you tell me before you put this in public if we are dealing insecurity much better than we ever did over the last 76 years of government; it’s “The Time for Change” that’s the motto of the U.S.M. President who by the way is very upset about the comment the US Ambassador made about the insecurity of his country. (WTF, thousands of Mexicans were on a strike last year because they want insecurity to stop right now and a year has passed and there is no response to that, actually is getting worst)

The fact is, that we do not know how to deal with “visitors” and it shows after we deal with 12 British scientists who were caught trapped inside a cave in Puebla supposedly exploring a cave when they were really searching for Uranium without any permission from the Mexican Government to do so, and well, we were not even aware the British were inside snooping around our property (Hellooooo Mexican Immigration, where are ya when we need ya huh?). And, still knowing they were illegally exploring our caves, the Mexican Government gave them the privilege to call people from Great Britain to send a rescue team because the British scientists stated “the Mexican people are not trained to rescue in such conditions” (Excuse me, says who?). And, I’m not finished yet, with all this mess the Mexico Department of Immigration still didn’t know what to do with the British “scientists” (found most of them belonged to the British Navy seals and British Military, none of them scientists) and thought for about 5 days if they should revoke their visas or expel them from Mexico (in a temporary basis, not permanently God may punish us for that).

So with this, and now that, are we reliable? No

We know we are not reliable, the statistics show it. When the Asian Tsunami occurred, Mexico offered its help to search out the missing people to those countries that suffered the tragedy…all of them said No except for Indonesia, of course the help will arrive too damn late because the Government sent the rescue team by sea (no budget for airplanes or rescues of any kind, not even in our own country i.e. "British scientists") which by the way the rescue team is conformed by un-trained civilians who helped the Red Cross in the 1985 earth quake in Mexico City and were sent with no lunch money (guess the UNICEF will be feeding the mexican rescuers aswell) .

My suggestion to you all my sweet neighbors of the 1st. Class World, if you want to see the folklore of our country, go ahead, do it, just don’t bring all your belongings with you (we all know that), or talk to the Mexican Police (it's better if you talk to a complete stranger, they're much safer), or leave your car windows closed at night (phft duh!), or get out of the hotel for no particular reason after 10 pm (doing so may incurr into a high risk of getting robbed or rapped, that happens in every country) , or walk by a criminal neighborhood (unless you want to commit suicide).

Mexico is as safe as the rest of the countries; yes we are ranked 2nd country with the most kidnapping level, but then again, which country has the most ranked level for terrorism attacks in the world? Or which country ranks the most dangerous for being so violent? You think.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Steph said...

Haven't been down to Mexico since our wedding in 2000--we were staying at a friend's place in Cabo San Lucas. One of the best times I ever had! I've also been to Cozumel, and my friends and I used to go down to TJ almost every weekend before we turned 21 (yes, we were those obnoxious gringas getting drunk in the bars). So has the kidnapping situation always been this bad? And I must say your English is quite fantastic--are you a native Mexican or an expat from somewhere else?

Yoli said...

The kidnapping situation has been going on since about 10 years and it comes from south america mainly chile, colombia,el salvador, etc.
I hope you were not in Revolution Ave. that's the worst place everrrrr!
Thanks for the compliment, I'm a Native Mexican raised in TJ :)

Steph said...

Yikes! Revolution Ave was where we'd hang out--holy crap! I really lucked out back in the day--not only was I not kidnapped, I always made it back home safely (about a 2.5 hour drive back to South Orange County). *shamefaced at my youthful folly*

Avuncular 1 said...

I had a great time when I went to Mexico.

boo said...

Hey... Yoli... every place is scary... i think when you live somewhere... you get used to it... where i live... is suppose to be scary... (ok it can be...) but still anyone... can get mugged... knifed... etc... anyway where there are people!... never been... to south America... but it sure sounds... like an adventure!...

Yoli said...

Never fear Steph, Revolution Ave. is the worst places ever 'cause there are a bunch of weirdo's over there LOL not because of the kidnapping :P

Yoli said...
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Yoli said...

*kisses and more kisses*
Of course, even I have fun in Mexico myself, just looking at all the people bwaha.

Even with all the troubles and spooky things around your country I would love to visit it one day. (once if overcome the fear of heights)