Wednesday, February 09, 2005



My office sounds like a concerto between Celt music (played by me) and Dido with a hint of a guy’s whistle (played by the guy whistling) and it ain’t pretty stuff over here.

So I went to both restrooms (ladies and gents) and I found nothing peculiar about those damn signs. What the hell is wrong with those sings, for a moment I thought they had obscene pictures of sexual parts but no, no pictures of sexual parts there, unless I went inside the restroom and then I would found a bunch of them but I’m not interested in going to check out that place.

As I mentioned before we had visitors last Friday and we received a big “Gracias” email. Yesterday a girl comes to my office weeping and sobbing, - you know me, the shoulder that’s always wet in this company from too many boogers crying over it - well, she got yelled at because there was no sugar for the coffee and she would probably be laid off for that. WTF! Although she did a great job with her regular work still she might get fired for not bringing the sugar for the coffee.

One of these days I will forget to bring the burritos for everyone in the office and maybe I’ll get fired because of that.

See what I mean when I say this is “Nutter” Industries?

Changing subjects here.

I’m going to rant about something that has bothered me for a long time now. It’s about death and the decisions we make to make it less painful.

Why is it when a dog, or cat or any other loved pet is put to sleep when its suffering from a bad illness and when a loved family member is suffering from a severe illness is not put to sleep just like your lovable pet?

Is it because is a human being and the dog is an animal? Aren’t people suppose to say “My dog is my best friend, he’s the only family I have, he’s is like a son/daughter to me” - This means that person is treating the animal like a human, am I wrong?

I don’t find the reason why put a loved pet to sleep although the excuse is “we don’t want to see it suffer”

Well, what about the loved person? What does that mean? People like to see their flesh and blood suffer so they do what ever is possible to not be put to sleep even though the person is suffering too much?

What I am trying to understand is, why make a fast and easy decision to put an animal to sleep when it suffers but when it comes to a human it’s made to suffer much, much more and wait until the body gives in and dies in pain. Why not do the same for pets like its done with humans? Let the animal die over it’s own natural cause even if its painful, that’s the way Mother Nature works.

People are not God to decide who dies and who doesn’t and under which circumstances what ever the reason might be.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Pup said...

We're so the same person when it comes to this. Keeping someone on a machine for them to live is no way to go.

I really don't understand why people are so afraid of dying anyway. I think it's ego and regret...

Anyway, post those damn signs, maybe we'd see something different about them.

Yoli said...

We come from the same planet man. I need to get back there soon