Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Quiiiiiickie!

That made my brain shrink...

I'm posting at this early time because Bloggeerrr hasn't let me post anything for the last two days and it was starting to annoy me and send everything to hell like I always do when something doesn't go as I want, 'cause that's how I am, if something or someone doesn't do what I say I just throw it to the garbage, even if it's a human being, I carry it and drop it straignt in a big ass garbage can. You hear me BF?? I'm going to drop you to the garbage truck and see who adopts you next!

It's been raining like crazy all night and I forgot to put a towel under the entrance door, when I woke up this morning I felt I was drowning, alot of water was invading my sacred home and it almost got inside my holy sacred bedroom and interrupt by sacred beauty sleep. Next time I'm buying me an inflatable bed just in case.

By the way, do you know what if feels like to have two people working all over you? I do, and it's not pretty I tell you. It would have been gorgeous if there were two hot muscular men working all over but it wasn't that way, I had my old boss and another old geek working all over me, that's so disgusting.

Happy Humid Friday Everyone!


Steph said...

That sounds utterly horrifying. What do you exactly mean by "work over?" 0_o

Pup said...

Hehe.. Yoli and 2 oldies all over her...

So there's rain leakage in your house? Eeek. I love the rain, but I wouldn't like it coming in the house. Hope that gets cleared up soon.

It's raining here today too! Yay!

Monkey said...

I was wondering the same thing as Steph - what do you mean by working over?

Yoli said...

Steph & Monkey:
It means exactly what you thought but without the dirty thoughts. They were over me!!!
Get the picture?

Is not rain leakage, if there was, I would put a bucket and that would end the leaking but the water is coming from under the door, how am I supose to stop a water filtering from under the door? I can't put a bucket, bah! I'll end up putting sand bags, then I'll have sand all over my house, well, I'll make a castle out of it then.