Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Quickie!

On a quick note…

We’re having visitors today at Nutter Industries, a bunch of SalesReps from Europe that want to see the new and improved Mexican style manufacturing company.

Everybody is taking pictures of everybody; that I can totally agree with, but through my huge window I just saw one man taking pictures of the restroom signs both of women and men; now if I had a camera on hand I would have taken a picture of the guy taking the pictures of the restroom signs just so you know I am not making this up.

Aren’t those signs internationally known?

Now that is odd.

Question: How can I enable the permission the ISP administrator took away from me? I'm very pissed about this you know!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Monkey said...

Yeah I'd think those signs are internationally recognized and nothing special - but maybe he (the photographer) saw something in them you didn't?

Steph said... your company really called Nutter Industries?

Prestbury said...

What kind of restroom signs does Nutter industries actually have?

Yoli said...

I'll have to go there and see ;P

If I found a job in a company where the name includes "Nutter" I would definitely not be a part of the team. But you know what HFB posted the other day that people were laid off their jobs because they posted things related to their work, I supose they wrote their real company name...hell I am not that stupid.

You know, the usual lady and gentleman shape. Uuuuh...don't you have that in your country? LOL