Thursday, February 03, 2005

Family Talk!

Speaking of family…

I went to my parent’s house last night and like every time I go there we end up talking about weird things. We stared talking about how my teeth are cracking in to little pieces and how if I don’t get to do something about it soon, one day I will see myself like in the looney toons cartoons where Silvester the cat eats a sandwich with a brick inside and all his teeth fall off; then we switched to my dead aunt and her plastic teeth and her bad breath to end up talking about belly buttons and the weird sensations we feel when we touch it, which lead us to a big dilemma: What is behind a belly button anyway that makes us feel icky every time we touch it?

I must confess the intriguing question didn’t take my sleep away last night as I was way too tired to think of it but I promised my father I would check it out on the Internet and see what I could find about it. What use can it have now that we are out of our mother anyway? Sure is a weird piece of flesh that’s inside our tummy and it’s kind of entertaining when you have nothing to do and you start taking the lint out of it but other than that I don’t see what’s the use of keeping a belly button. In Anatomy class they taught us the functions of all the parts of our bodies with too many details but our teachers never told us anything about the belly button.

So what’s so special about a belly button that plastic surgeons don’t even touch during a tummy tuck? Is it for beauty reasons? Is it possible that is an emergency kit in case we can’t breath through our lungs and we can breath through it? Or is it possible to make a hole through it and be able to go to the bathroom without taking our pants off? That would be a fantastic discovery but no, I don’t think that’s it.

Although I didn’t make much of an effort to find a reasonable answer I found this. And still I am not very satisfied with the answer. I think there must be something more in a belly button than being just a lint catcher. Is like asking the famous question of “How many licks does it take to get to the toosie roll center of a tutsi pop?”

The world may never know.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Steph said...

I don't know the answers to any of your questions, but I do know a friend of a friend who constantly worried her belly button until she could unfurl is like a wadded up balloon--ew!

Yoli said...

Uh Gross! My belly button just curled when I read that...bah!

boo said...

Belly buttons are weird... mine is very deep... and my xboy... used to put his finger in... and it made me cringe... he also.. would play on my fear... of spiders... living in there... which he found funny!...

Pup said...

Mi mum used to warn me that playing with your belly button too much will give you a stomach ache. Sure enough, everytime I'm messing around in there, I feel sick.

I'm sure there's NO scientific bases behind that. Stupid thoughts planted in my head.

I heard there is a model that had her belly button surgically stitched up. She looked wierd.

Have a good weekend Yoli!