Thursday, February 10, 2005



I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, tomorrow is Friday and the next day after that is Saturday (just in case you forgot).

We’re having a nice rainy weather outside and cold as the North Pole here in the office, although is raining and I forgot to bring me an umbrella I would like to go outside and stay there, it’s much warmer than here and I’m freezing my knuckles. I love rain.

Let’s see now, last night I ate an avocado sandwich with cheese, and I had a bad dream about my BF turning bald, and I was getting fired from work because my boyfriend was bald. No more avocados for me for dinner.

Also BF had a bad dream last night, he woke me up twice; he would not stop doing “Uuuuuuuh…Uuuhhhh…uuh…uuuuuhhh…UUUHHHH”

What the! I asked him what was wrong with him this morning and he said he didn’t know.

Maybe he saw a owl in his dreams or he thought he was a owl in his dreams. Maybe he was a owl in his past life.

Also this girl, Manufacturing Engineer came to my desk with a “face”, she gave me a report and before she could say anything I got up and left, she then went to put her “face” to my dear neighbor the whistling man and as soon as he turned his face to her and asked her what was wrong she began crying and sniffing “my dog is sick!” That was close, if I would have asked her what was wrong I would’ve had to stand in front of her listening to her problematic life with her sick dog while looking at her pathetic self crying. I hate people when they cry. But I love rain though.

I don’t need this now; today is a beautiful rainy day. I love rain; did I mention I love rain?

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Steph said...

Oh man, I love avocados! There aren't many good ones up here right now, though, but when they're in season I love making fresh guacamole. *drooling* Way to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation--you are the master. Happy Rainy Thursday.

Pup said...

Oh.. I wish it was raining here. Rain rules! It's just butt ass cold and icey here.

I've always wanted to move to Seattle so I can get plenty of rain.

Good call on avoiding her. I don't know what I'd do if someone came to my desk and started crying. I know my co-workers would all think it's my fault.

Yoli said...

TIP, if you want those hard avocados to soften quick, wrap them in news paper and let them stand near a window for a couple of days, or if you want them to soften right away wrap them in newspaper and put them in the microwave for a minute and buala!

Yes, it's better to avoid office people when they're crying or the people looking at the window will think you're doing something to them.

Steph said...

Oh yay, thanks for the tip!