Tuesday, February 08, 2005

After the long Break!

I make this announcement…

Can I go home now?

I just came back from a long, very and extremely long holiday, which lasted one day; our great Constitution Day Holiday (it was on Saturday but Nutter Ind. Gave us Monday off). I do admire the stay at home wives, I could never be one day without working although the very day I have to get back to work I wished I stayed in bed longer.

TV is so crappy in the mornings and part of the afternoon until night and I think if I had nothing to do but watch TV I would have committed suicide by now; what’s wrong with TV programming anyway? Talk shows all morning, soaps and the people’s court, why?. Thank technology for Internet (hurray!).

Is it the same in other parts of the world? After a long break, getting back to work is such a pain in the neck and everybody at Nutter Industries is so lazy today, it just feels in the air and it’s contagious.

The Visitors are gone and they left us this huge “Gracias” note in one email. Should I reply to them “De Nada” and ask them to send me those pictures they took of the restroom signs? I can’t stop looking at them now.

BF, my parents and I went shopping yesterday; my parents are getting married…soon, so we took them to have the rings cut to measure; then, we went to a bath, kitchen and bedroom store and boyfriend and I were fighting over a pillow, I don’t like feather pillows, they’re messy, the feathers get loose and I have allergies, but boyfriend doesn’t want to change his feather pillow because his neck is sensitive…fine! Then we fought in the food court because he forgot to buy me a beverage, sure he got his but he didn’t get mine, how am I suppose to swallow my food? I got my sad puppy face but still that didn’t work and he preferred to share his than get up and get me one…fine! Last but not least we went to a shoe store, he wanted to buy a pair of horrible snickers, we fought again, I don’t like gray but my dad was persuasive with BF so he got his gray snickers…fine, I made him pay for my cool super killer brown snickers and a pair of sandals for my mom (sweet revenge).

My dad lent me a CD with instrumental music; the music in there is from those fancy department stores, you know with a little bit of piano there and a violin here and a little flute over here, and I’m playing it right now, my office sounds like a fancy department store. I feel badly dressed now; I should have wore the nice clothes…damn this music is depressing.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Pup said...

I think it's universal. Daytime TV here is horrible too. Although I'm not home much during the day. A couple times I was I didn't watch any TV.

I hate corporate America. I get NO holidays. None. Nada. Zero. Zip. I need to go work for a bank or something.

Yay for shoe revenge!

Yoli said...

yeah me too

Steph said...

Coming back to work after a holiday's the worst. And even though your week is supposed to be shorter, it feels even longer than a regular week. It's that weird cruel thing that time does. Hang in there, Yolster!