Thursday, January 27, 2005

Yoli’s Flashbacks Part 2!

I promise this one is short…er

That week I had a little bit of everything except for what I really was looking for in the first place, a hot man who would rock my world; well I almost had, if it wasn’t for that voice and those shoes.

Anyway, when I found the little ball of paper on my jacket I felt goose bumps all over my skin, so I threw that number away.

One of my workmates had marital problems and she wanted to go wild that weekend so I invited her to come with my best friend and I to our regular place we hung out every weekend.

We walk inside the club, it was packed so we couldn’t sit at our regular table; while we were searching for a place to sit my friend pokes my shoulder “look who’s looking at you?” Agh! It was the choco man and he was coming our way, I quickly grabbed my two friends by the hand and ran like scared mice between the crowds and upstairs near the restrooms.

What the hell is he doing here? “Obviously looking for you” my friend said. He was wearing the same pimp shoes and a white thermal shirt with a hole on the back, a thermal shirt to go clubbing and a huge hole in the back! Way gross. Choco man was turning his bald head in every direction like a lost puppy looking for somebody to adopt him, and as soon as he turned his eyes up where we were, me and my friend hide under a table “did he see us?” I asked, “No I don’t think so” my friend said “what’s going on, why are you on the floor?” My other friend asked, she didn’t know what happened the week before so we just told her to shut up and get down where we were. My best friend peeked her head to the bottom and sees choco man going up the stairs “He’s coming this way ruuuunnn” So we ran down the stairs until we lost him.

We found a table right at the end in a very dark corner so we sit there. “Can somebody tell me what’s going on and why are we running around the club like crazy women?” my clueless friend asked us, “there’s a psycho trying to catch Yoli” my best friend told her. “Really?” Opening her big eyes as wide as two eggs. “Yep” I said.

A bar tender comes to pick our orders; “If you see a black guy in our table please scare him away, he won’t leave me alone” I said to the bartender. He winked his eye and left the table and of course he didn’t bother to attend my demands because as soon as the bar tender walked out of our table there he was, choco man, poking my shoulder and with his squeaky voice making a tribute to his name…”Yolanda, why don’t you talk to me, I really like you, don’t be mean” “Aaahh! What the! Where’s the bar tender? Son of a gun!
“No tip for you!” I yelled. “Why are you here? Wasn’t I clear?” “I just want to say I’m sorry, can I have another chance? Pleeaaasseeee!” “No” I said angrily, “now go before my boyfriend comes and sees you here”. I didn’t have any boyfriend so I had to come up with something and fast otherwise he would know I was lying.

“You don’t have a boyfriend, I know you don’t”. What? This guy must read minds or something. “I do too, and let me tell you my boyfriend is very jealous and if he sees you’re bothering me he’s going to kick your butt” (I need a boyfriend like right now!). “So you won’t give me another chance?” NO! And as if God heard my pledges there he was my annoying friend (currently my BF) coming to say hello with another geeky friend but I didn’t care, he was going to save me. “Hiiiii baby” I kiss my friend on the cheek, he was surprised but happy that I kissed him.

Choco man didn’t say word and with a sad look on his face he turned his back on me to never see him again. And this time was for real because I didn’t go back to that club for about 2 months.

To be continued….

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Monkey said...

Great story!
"“No tip for you!” I yelled."
was my favorite line - had me ROFL!! :-)
You're a funny and talented young lady!

Yoli said...

Thank you so much. I'm flattered :)

Pup said...

Whoa.. I can't believe he was there again. Some people just don't get the hint.

I've always wanted to rescue someone in that situation. Good for current BF!

SJ said...

I want to use the term ChocoMan in casual conversation over the weekend.

Wendy said...

Ok, Choco Man was just scary. No taste in clothes and psychic....ewwww...
But what a good way for you and BF to get together. :)

Yoli said...

ChocoMan was a complete nut case. And if you really want to save some other girl just check at the geeks who are bothering those cute girls they'll appreciate your concern *wink wink*

Actually the word "ChocoMan" sounds pornish now that I think about it.

Let me tell you, I got away from chocoman but this other tick called my current BF is now stuck to me like a freaking leech and I haven't been able to get away from him for the last 2 years LOL but this one I don't mind having it.