Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Worst Days of the Year!

I'm cursed I tell ya...

What could possible be worst than this?


1. Woke up late and almost killed myself on the road

2. My cough got more disturbing by the minute I almost puked

3. 1 hour before I left work my boss told me I had to stay over time; how long? Till 9 pm

4. Getting back home I bumped into a huge hole on the road I thought I left the car behind and me holding the steering wheel.

5. Got home to find the neighbor’s cars were parked in front of my parking space leaving me a very tight place to park. Took me almost 5 minutes to park.


1. I woke with a bad headache

2.A woman almost crashes on to me.

3. I forgot to check the tire where I hit the hole

4. The tire literally broke in pieces while I was driving

5. The tire shop took advantage of me by charging me 30 bucks for a very used tire.

6. I bought coffee at a coffee shop and it was plain water, I didn’t realize that till I took a sip 30 minutes after I bought the coffee.

7. My boss just called, I’ll have to stay over time…again.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

1 comment:

Pup said...

Damn Yoli.. That's crappy. You need to just stay home under the covers for a day.

Hope your Wednesday's better!