Monday, January 10, 2005

Who let the Dogs out!

Cough…cough…cough cough cough …

Anybody interested in a throat and a pair of lungs? I’m giving them away for free.

I didn’t take a shower this morning, so I am officially the mistress of Pepe LePew; don’t come near me, I stink, weird fact is I stink like a baby, maybe because I use too much of that baby powder, I just can’t get enough of it. Bad thing is when I put it on there’s always some that gets into my clothes so I always have baby powder on my butt, aren’t I cute?

I’m soooo, sooo, sooo backed up on work right now I want to run away and scream; but I’ll just hold it because is still raining outside.

I haven’t been able to catch up on my work because I’m doing a special “investigative report” for my boss on “Places to go in New Zealand and its surroundings” because he’s going on vacations next month. So I’m not the production assistant for Nutter Industries at the moment, I am a the travel agent of the week, and I must say I prefer the Production Assistant position better than a travel agent answering a bunch of questions about a country I didn’t even know it was an island. Excuse my ignorance.

In other news, I knew there was sunshine between those dark clouds; I found out while I was sick in bed that Nutter Industries owes me over $500 dollars worth of my salary. I’m mentally dancing over here; how did I know, well I’m a very curious woman and I didn’t have anything to do, so I saw one of my paychecks and thought “let’s play accountant” and I found this huge mistake on my salary month after month; I could not believe it. The best thing of all is Nutter Industries is going to pay it off every single cent of it.

I’m so freaking happy!!!

Drinks are on me…Woo hoo!

Happy Monday Everyone!


Ashley said...

Drinks on you eh? I'll jump in my car, be there in about 3 days lol

Monkey said...

GOOD JOB on finding what they owe you! So many people ASSUME that their paycheck is always correct - and it's NOT always!
Nice work and I'll be down for my drinks here in a bit!

Yoli said...

Ashley and Monkey,

Just make sure you bring googles, a cannoo, and a life jacket. The rain is craaazzee I tell ya, is the end of the world!!!

Wendy said...

$500, woohoo!! Get a shower, get better and tell me when to show up...I'll take an Amaretto and 7-Up, please. :)

Pup said...

Great.. now my paranoid ass is going to have to check my paychecks.

Congrats on the $500!! What cha going to use it for? (Oh.. say lots and lots of booze for everyone!)

Yoli said...

It wouldn't be a bad idea if you did. Now didn't I say the drinks are on me? not literally, you know what I mean.

Prestbury said...

Cool. You can buy even more baby powder now!