Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Un-clogging the Clogged!

Speaking of toilets…

My parents changed theirs because it was broken. Now there’s a toilet in the parking space if anybody cares to visit the broken toilet. I think it would look nice as a flowerpot. I’ll talk my parents into it.

What would you do if you moved to a new neighborhood and you have a visit from the neighbors next door with an offer like this?

“Hi, we’re the neighbors next door, nice to meet you. By the way, we’re not here so often, we live in the northern side of California and we come here every once in a while and we don’t know anybody around here, soooo we were wondering, is it too much trouble if you could pay our phone bill, credit card bill, electricity bill, furniture bill and any other bills that come here? Here’s 200 bucks. Oh and while you’re at it, can you take out our garbage? It’s been sitting there for quite a while now so there might be a few roaches and worms, sorry. Oh yes, and don’t forget to water our plants, they’re very delicate and sensitive. Next week we’re having a company dinner so if it’s not too much trouble can you baby sit our 4 children for the weekend? Oh you’re a very nice couple, we really appreciate you’re helping us, you know there were 3 neighbors before you in this house and they only stayed here for a few weeks and left, can you believe they took our money and never came back? I wonder what made them go away so quick?”

I would have run away with the 200 bucks as well. And I would tell the landlord to have those obnoxious neighbors out of there for scarring out the customers. Of course that is not my case, and if it would have, after hearing the words “neighbors next door” I would have slammed my door on their faces just to make clear I don’t want any business with anybody. But my parents are not like that, so now they have all those chores to do before the neighbors get back from where ever they say they come from.

How is it possible that a toilet is clogged because the harpic toilet deodorizer pill fell on the toilet bowl and nobody noticed and flushed it anyway? This makes me think…Do people never see what’s inside a toilet bowl before putting their butts in there? What if a snake is in there or the bowl is full of leeches, or somebody wants to burn your ass with sulfuric acid? Not to mention that maybe the toilet is clogged with other clogging materials such as used toilet paper. I don’t see myself sitting on a toilet before making sure the toilet is impeccable, and when I mean impeccable I mean “Impeccable”.

Is this why most of the women fell inside the toilet when they want to go?

This is unconceivable.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Jenn said...

The neighbors really got your parents to do all that! Can you move them next door to me?!

Yoli said...

Yep, all that.
You'll have to wait until their contract is finished in this house so they can move right next to you :) If you get lucky my mom can even cook for ya. LOL.

Wendy said...

Yoli, how can your parents be so nice to those people? Don't they have any of your temper? ;)

(And I'm laughing SO hard at "burn your ass with sulfuric acid" I can hardly type!)

Pup said...

I ALWAYS check the toilet. I don't care about a little bit of dirtyness or something, but I check for living things like rats, crocs, anything moving, or small hands coming out of there.

I SOOOO have a phobia about that.

Yoli.. can you pay a couple of my bills? :)

Yoli said...

All the bad temper they had it was passed over to me. ha!