Monday, January 17, 2005

Today is Monday!

Today is what?…

I just realized the communication between me and boyfriend is like that game of the broken phone.

Me: Mom and dad are getting out of that apartment and moving to another house two blocks away from us.

BF: Why?

Me: Problems with the keeper

BF: When are they moving?

Me: Probably this week, they still need to pack

BF: Who?

Me: I told you my parents

BF: Your parents? Why?

Me: I told you they have problems with the keeper

What keeper?

Me: The apartment keeper

BF: They have problems in the building they’re living in?


BF: Why?

Me: because there’s no water in the building

BF: Oh that’s bad, they should move.

Me: That’s what I told you they’re doing.

BF: Where do they want to move?

Me: I told you baby, they’re moving two blocks away from us.

BF: Who?

Me: Are you even listening to what I’m saying?

BF: What are you saying?

Me: What did I just said? (green…waaaayy green)

BF: I don’t understand you, you confuse me.

Me: (turning black now) I said, my parents are moving out of the apartment because they have problems with the keeper, so they got another house two blocks away from us.

BF: Oh, and when are they moving?

Me: (deeeeep breath) Probably this week.

BF: This week, when?

Me: I don’t know, maybe Friday.

BF: Why do they want to move on Friday? Why don’t they wait until Saturday so I can help?

Me: I didn’t say they were moving on Friday I just thought they would move that day.

BF: But why?

Me: Ugh! Forget about it.

BF: You should speak to me clearly and correctly because I don’t understand you.

I don’t know, do I really speak weird English or am I speaking in another language and I am not aware of it?

I quit with this man!

Happy Monday Everyone!


Pup said...

I can't understand a word that you've posted.

Wha? Huh?


boo said...

Say what?... men clearly... have a language all... of their own... i guess... is there a dictionary... somewhere?...