Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday Quickiee!

No Friday Quickiee for you...

No, I'm not posting any friday quickie today, I'm too busy and too tired to post a friday quickie. This is intolerable, unfair and un...un...what ever that ends with erableblabli...ah what the hell!

I'm working my brains out today with a "Proyection" for Nutter Industries. Well do I have a proyection for you Mr. Boss if you keep giving me proyections here and proyections there to see how it proyects if we proyected over here. I might forget where to proyect your proyected work and it might end up proyecting somewhere towards your small wrinkled proyected butt.

So I hope you're having better things to do this weekend compared to me. I'll be proyecting proyections all weekend.

Happy Proyected Friday Everyone!

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