Thursday, January 13, 2005

Beware of the Border Crossing Chickens!

Don’t let our mariachis and big sombreros fool you…

While I was on vacation I woke up way too early in the morning to catch up the early morning news, you know the ones that show at 5:00 am (I’m never up this early but my brain loves to torture me like this) and heard that the Mexican Department of Immigration has created a “Users Manual” on how to cross the border “Illegally”.

Did I hear that right? Yes I did, they repeated the news twice (I stayed for the 5:30 am news too). The booklet is a few pages long and has graphics and pictures of the so called “chickens” crossing the border running like they saw a ghost (well actually they saw the “migra” and ran the hell out of there). This manual also gives tips on how to survive in the cold and hot weathers of the deserts and how to cross the “Rio Bravo” if the river is too high, or when its raining and such and the precautions they should take in case of hypothermia.

And to give it a bit of a more interest, it also gives information to illegal immigrants about their rights as human beings (even though they’re called chickens) when they’re caught by the Border Patrol.

I can make the picture in my mind:

Border Patrol: Stop Chicken! Turn around and put your hands up.

Illegal Immigrant: Wait un meenute plees, I am knot ah chiken, I am illeegal immigraant , can I see your eye dee?

BP: What the hell is this all about! Don’t try to make fun of me you Mexican I said put your dirty hands up!

IM: Doughnut poosh me, aand doughnut yell at mee, Eye have rites.

BP: You have no rights in this country, you’re an illegal alien (scratching his head) You’re trying to distract me!

IM: I have rites, it says so rite heer (shows him the manual) so u beter treet mee like humahn been or I sue u, now, huers deh migra trock? I em tierd, take me too drink huatter.

The booklet is free and absolutely anybody can get a copy of it.

I’m getting one myself, just for the fun of it.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Wendy said...

I almost can't believe it.

But then again, I guess I can.

Pup said...

Wow.. that's amazing. How do I get a copy of that? I would LOVE to read this.

Yoli said...

I couldn't believe it myself :P

You can get a copy of this booklet at any Department of Mexican Immigration in your area. :)