Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Hell no way no is not...I just can't be...

Hell I'm back, and cursing all the way, why? The "storms" haven't stopped kicking our butts for the last two weeks that's why! Soon I'll have to get me one of those cannoo thingies and a life jacket so I don't drown.

I just discovered what I love best, cleaning, I'm a clean freak, oh and take out the rain water that gets inside my house without my permission all the way to my living room, yes.

I also got me for christmas a hell of a cough, it took me so by surprise I didn't even see it coming, one day I was great and then all of a sudden I was coughin and now look at me, I have killer abs and jaw pain from that all that dog cough. Someobody shoot me please.

I spent new year sleeping, what a great way of not knowing what is going on around and when the past year went. I just woke up with 100 more gray hairs and 10 more facial marks, oh yeah, and I also found I have a serious case of flat feet, I didn't notice that until new year morning when I got out of bed and almost fell down the floor because my feet were too damn flat to hold me; that really hurts, I should go to the doctor soon.

So actually the week and a half off wasn't all that bad, I didn't even feel it with all that cleaning I did to my house so I have discovered, I do more work at home than what I do at Nutter Industries in a whole week, that's gotta suck.

And I'm off right now to my home and try to have some rest, I can't hold this coughing much longer and it really is killing me, people outside my window are looking at me like I have tuberculosis....Stop looking at me people I'm not contagious, I just look that way!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Jenn said...

Yoli girl! I missed you, and Happy New Year!
I hope you don't float away with all the rain!

Ashley said...

I completely understand the sick thing. I went to bed feeling fine and woke up feeling like I had been hit by a transport truck. The part that sucks the most, it hasn't gone away. Not even a little bit!!

Pup said...

Hey Yoli, glad you're back!

When I cough in airplanes, I like to say very loudly, "Man, my SARS sure is acting up again". People LOVE that. :)

Yoli said...

I missed you too, I'm about to float away now...any minute now..I can feel it. :)

I wonder what it feels like to be hit by a transport truck. Thank god I haven't been hit by one..LOL

LOL, SARS, that kills me man! don't make me laugh or I'll turn blue.