Friday, December 30, 2005


Oh Baby did that hurt? Awww...

I didn't pay much attention to my house after the Persian Military came to eat all the things I made because really I was dead but when I woke up Monday morning...


Sigh...It will pass, I'll just clean that up and it will pass...yes...deep breath Yoli, deep breath...ok...good now.

I go into the bedroom to serve breakfast in bed (yes I'm all that sweet and tender all the time even when somebody doesn't deserve it) and while we finished our breakfast:

BF: The bathroom and the house is so dirty, is extremely dirty

Me: Oh, well that's what happens when people doesn't know how to use a restroom and how to live in a septic environment such as mine (grin)

BF: So you're saying my family did all of that?

Me: Well, your family were the only ones who made it, my parents are not as filthy you know, they know how to keep a house clean. Speaking of my parents, my father thought your nephews were extremely rude yesterday because they were laughing too hard and well, we all thought they were mocking at my father.

BF: I told you they were not mocking at your dad, they were mocking at my brother, he's always trying to be the center of attention.

Me: Oh, so they really were mocking, I thought your culture was more conservative regarding respect to the adults, and I am wondering how is it that you and your brothers are so respectful and your nephews turned out to be such idiots.

BF: Don't call them like that, they're very smart and they are young, they like to have fun and mock...

Me: At people, I don't think smart people mock at others conversations, on the contrary they listen so they learn, they don't mock.

BF: They're kids, you should understand

Me: The only thing I understand is that in my house nobody behaves that way, it's totally disrespectful, they don't have education or any kind of good manners, they're like animals, I don't like them and I don't want them to come here anymore do you hear?...And they are totally not kids anymore, one is a grown teenager and the other one is an adult, I never did behave that way at that age.

BF: Well they behaved like that because your father and my brother would not stop talking, they took away the conversation for themselves, is not right, the "kids" get tired like that, we all get tired like that.

Me: Well that's because you all are not interested in cultivating yourselves with those conversations, the only one interested there was your brother, at least he's the only one interested in learning something.

And...It's my damn house and I can keep it as dirty and filthy as I want; you're throught with those eggs? I'm still hungry.

--BF's family list of banned people--
1 Brother in Law
2 Newphews

Who will be next?

Happy Fri/Saturday Everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Is Gone Already?

Thank heavens...

Oh yes the christmas acceleration is over now, and I am feeling so happy, I don't have to deal with crap like christmas dinners or christmas crap and crap.

Anyway, I have always pondered about my life in every aspect of it and I am really amazed why am I still alive and well when all the time I am planning or thinking of planning on something everything goes the other way around and it ends up bad, and I mean really, really bad.

So me and my mom were planning to not do anything for christmas, well at least I was planning on not doing anything but my mother is so christmasy this time of year, she just can't let christmas go by without doing anything, so she convinced me to do a little something although insignificant, we planned to fix a special mexican bun called "Pambazo", which is really cheap and delicious and not much of a big fuzz to make either. So we had that plan up and running until thurday night, when BF came to visit and told me he was bringing his sister with him to spend christmas with us, I thought, well no problem, we're just having Pambazos for dinner and nothing else, so again BF tells me he wants to have his family gathered together for christmas day to have lunch, all his family was really not all of his family but part of them, still there were too many for me to see in one day.

As you all know I'm a hermmit and I don't like people, and worst, I don't like people all together gathering and being happy, and I was going to have that, on the 25th of December, for lunch, 8 people, together, eating, gathering, talking, messing up my house, going to my bathroom.



Ok, let's forget about that, that's not a big problem I'll just take some valium and forget all about it till Monday and I'm sure everything will be ok. Right? Right??!!!


BF gives me a hundred bucks to spend on that lunch gathering thingy but also said he wants seafood lasagna for saturday night besides the Pambazos and I'm thinking, a hundred bucks? WTF am I only getting cheap meat and some bread from the salvation army to feed these people? I'm going to need more than that.

So on Friday I went to 3 different grocerie stores plus a special butcher shop because BF wants lamb meat, he doesn't want any kind of meat he needs lamb meat, and not just regular lamb meat, he needs the thigs, the expensive side. Anyway, I go to 3 different stores, plus the butcher shop, then come right home and start baking some cookies for snacking and spent all day preparing for Sunday.

BF calls me friday night and asks me what I did and gave him the long list of stuff I did and he bares to ask me why am I doing all of that, that's too much, how much did you spend?! 300 dlls??!!!! That's alot of money, I didn't tell you to spend all that money, ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?.

Excuse me...did I hear right?

I am trying to make it a very nice lunch for the entire family so they can feel happy and comfortable and well served and the man asks me why am I doing all that much?!


So after we hung up I was really feeling the worst in the world, and I couldn't resist bringing myself back to 7 years ago, when I had a beauiful relationship with a man that was the most important person in my life, just as I was for him, I was sure about him because he always assured me what I was for him, I was his whole world, I was his queen, I was his universe, I was his whole life. And I remember very well every time I did something new he used to tell me he wished to be right there with me to share all those beautiful things together.

Still with those memories, the lunch went ahead, BF came home with his sister on Saturday night and apologized to me for yelling at me on the phone. I told him it was ok, but it's not true, I'm saving all those little things he's doing in a little bag that I am filling up little by little and when the right time comes I'll throw it all on him, I swear he's going to pay for it dearly.

The family was so pleased and happy with all the goodies I have prepared to make the day more joyable, I put a happy face, I laughed, I cheered, I even enjoyed their company, and of course when the day ended I said "I hope this isn't the last time you all are coming to visit, you are more than welcome to come back any time".

And as soon as I closed the door, and BF and I were alone I said:

"It's the last time you're family puts a step inside my house"

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2005

It’s 11:30 pm, and I’m sitting here waiting for you to log in; I haven’t felt good in over a week thinking of you. Last night I took out the ring you gave me 5 years ago and still feels like it was yesterday when we were happy, and still feels as if I am living in a bad dream that I can’t wake up from.

I received a call from my BF a few minutes ago that made me extremely angry, I know it is stupid but it’s really important for me to know I am doing at least something right with him, but I feel that as much as I try to please him in one way or another he is never happy.

We’re having a Christmas dinner and he arbitrarily invited his sister and his family to spend Christmas with us and as always I don’t have the courage to tell him I don’t want anything with them. Still I managed in a good way to be polite and tell him it was alright; then he calls me tonight and asks me what did I do and when I told him all I have prepared for his family he answers me in a bad way why am I doing all those meaningful things.

I know that if I told you everything I am preparing for your family you wouldn’t act that way, you would tell me “thank you baby, you are great, I can’t wait to try all those wonderful things you made with your hands” Just like you always used to say when I told you I fixed something new and I wanted so badly you would be here beside me to enjoy it together.

God how I miss you, I miss all your ways; I’m resisting so much from picking up the phone and call you and tell you how much I love you and that I would give my whole life just to be with you right now but unfortunately my destiny is not like that.

If I call you right now I will feel much worst than I already feel, my heart is aching for your sweet words.

You know, ever since we’re apart the last time I heard an I love you was 3 years ago, the last time I heard I’m your whole world was 3 years ago, the last time I heard an I need you was 3 years ago…It really hurts to not hear those words again.

I don’t know what have I done to deserve this but I am paying a good price, and every single day I pray god to forgive me for any wrong I’ve done and keep me out of this misery.

I know one day he will hear me.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Rate My....Life?

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.4
Mind: 7.4
Body: 7.3
Spirit: 7.1
Friends/Family: 3
Love: 1.5
Finance: 8.1
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

See this? Is all about me

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Boogers Anyone?


With all the flu going all around us these past few weeks, it had to catch me, yup again, and I really believe that between those green boogers of mine my brain has been drained out of my nostrils; I know this because tomorrow is BF's birthday and I had no idea it will be tomorrow and I have no idea what to give him, so I just blew it on him and told him, I'll give you the tools you need for your birthday but I don't know what kind of tools you need so I'll just take you wherever tools are being sold and buy them for you and that will be your bithday gift.

That and I think a last minute birthday card and a last minute birthday cake bought at the bakery on the corner tomorrow after work.

I just don't have the brains to think, or at least that's what I want to think to take as an excuse to not think about birthdays.


More of the last minute birthday later on...this week or something

Happy one day before BF's birthday everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are negative, fearful, resistant, doubtful, and/or selfish.
You are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action.
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.


Looong Week...Loooonnnng!


I can't believe we are not out of this week yet, I'm totally sick again with this stupid sore throat and mucus and everthing disgusting about flu. And the week is so looooonng. I just need it to end.

We're having a company shutdown next week, thrusday the 22nd will be our last day and we'll be back on the 3rd of January, how neat is that? Bad thing is the company is taking away 5 days of our yearly vacation to fill in the days we are not going to come to work.

That sucks!

If I ever planned to go somewhere for 2 weeks next year, well the plan is over now, I'll see what I will do for the puny 5 days I have left, probably I'll end up doing the same as I did this year, take one day at a a time.

What ever!

In other news:

I found my ex BF on the internet the other day, the egiptian guy I am so planning to go visit one of these days when I have tons of money so I can go and spend a dream week with him. Well, it so happens he's willing to pay me the plane ticket and the expenses for the trip so I can go visit him, like right now.

How cool is that? But I'm worried, so worried I haven't been able to sleep well ever since he told me that, but last night I had the answer coming to me, and so if it ever happens that it is really true I am going to visit ex BF at the begining of 2006 then I'll make the biggest decision of my life.


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Yoli’s How to be in Two Places at Once!

Lesson 1

Thursday Evening:

4:00 pm Had cake with boss

4:30 pm: Ran to my car to get home and change shoes

5:00 pm: Off to airport and pick up mom and dad

6:00 pm: I’m not there yet

6:10 pm: Hopped parents into car and off to home

6:45 pm: Dropped them off at their house

6:50 pm: Get home, change shoes

7:00 pm: Pull BF from shirt and hop him on the car and off to the stinkin’ birthday dinner.

7:45 pm: Got to restaurant, apologized to boss, sat infront of General Manager who was totally drunk and out of his mind, asked for 2 glasses of different wines without drinking one, smiling silly at a joke we half heard.

8:00 pm: Said goodbye and off we went.

The End.

And that people, is how to be in two places at once.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Saga of The Pumpkin Banana Bread!

And the miscommunication begins...

See how communication is basics in human relations, you over hear something and everything goees wrong. Well, tomorrow is my boss's birthday and it so happens one of the assistants here told me he was not coming tomorrow, so as he is so pissed at me because I didn't go to their stinking christmas party I wanted to compensate it by baking him my favorite Pumpkin Banana bread.

Everything was cool until I forgot to wrap it with a nice bow, so I had to ask that assistant for help on getting a piece of lace or something to fix a bow, I had to tell her I baked a loaf bread for my boss to give him as a birthday present. When I came down with all the accessories to fix the bread, I heard one of the guys in the department my boss was not coming to work today, so that freaked me out, I thought it was a missunderstanding, so I called the assistant again and asked her if it was true, she said she would ask the General Manager about it.

5 minutes later the assistant calls me and asks me if the loaf bread was only for my boss or was it supposed to be for everyone in the office, I told her it was for him but if he wanted to share with the rest of the people it was his choice.

Here it begins:

Assistant: Oh, um, what happens is that I told the General Manager that you brought your boss a surprise cake, and so he will call your boss and ask him to come over to celebrate.


Me: Girl, it's only a loaf bread for Pete's sake, is not a cake, is not enough!!

Anyway, I thought that was that and everybody was going to forget all about it, until 3 hours later one of the managers comes down and tells the guy who told me earlier my boss was not coming that my boss was coming at noon for a surprise cake!!


I freak out, I call the assistand and ask her, WTF is going on? Is this surprise cake gathering thing everybody's talking about is about my loaf bread? And the assistant just answered "I suppose so".


Then I had to clear her the size of the loaf bread that is definitely not enough for even 3 people, and that she should find the way to fix the huge mistake she made. To what she said she would fix it right away.

Fortunately, the HR people love parties at anytime so they didn't complain about being told they needed to get a cake ASAP for my boss.

Now everybody is happy, my banana bread will only be for my boss as planned, and I'm eating cake at 4 pm


Case solved!

Now another issue!

My boss birthday dinner is today at 6; my parents come back from their vacation today at 6 and I have to pick them up at the airport.

I should split myself in half at the same time.

I don't have any other choice but to go, the invitation said "You must be thursday at said restaurant by 6 pm sharp"

Super Craaaappp!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Humps on Humpday!

No comments...

Closing month like any other month is the same crap, crap that keeps piling up and there's no end to it. I may now start to think to get an assistant for myself haha! Now that assistants are the new "black" everybody at Nutter Industries wants one, so why not I get a new assistant too right?

Anyway, my parents are coming back tomorrow from their glorious honeymoon, and I like a little girl would have loooved to go and screw up their free time haha! Too bad I'm not a little girl anymore and I have to work, otherwise I would have been there since a long time now.

My cousin now is going to spend christmas in lovely Spain, WTF, how come she's so young and she gets to go to all the cool places and I have to stay here...working!

That sucks big time!!

Anyway, I'll only have a week off in two weeks and the only way I can think of I will be spending that free time is by cleaning up my house, it really needs some deep cleaning 'cause it's filthy, filled with dust mites everywhere, I just can't stand breathing there dammit!


BF caught a cold, well he caught it from me, hehe, now he has to suffer, and I left him alone in the house to take care of himself...that will teach him to appreciate me more when I'm around..


Ok, back to closing month, crap!

Happy Humpday Everyone!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Reason #Trizillion I Love My Country!

Except for people at the parking spaces...MORROONNNNSSS!!

Ok, back to the title...

I was browsing the internet on saturday and I saw this report on CNN where they are say how George Bush wants to change the name "Christmas Tree" to "Holiday Tree" because he doesn't want people from other religions to be upset. I may ask now I know other religions don't celebrate Christmas so what's the big fuzz anyway?

So now, did everyeone put up their Holiday Tree already?


Good thing in my country President Fox hasn't done that crazy crap and I think he won't do it either (although I wouldn't mind anyway 'cause I hate christmas itself), he's too damn busy trying to kill corruption in my country and those police people from the AFI to stop kitnapping government people and killing journalists.

Anyway I'm soooo expecting this Holiday...yeah that sounds smore like it. Now if only Bush would make the radio stations stop putting christmas carols I would be soooo happy!!!!

But I think that ain't gonna happen this year.

What is happening is my boss is not around today, and that makes me a happy little grouch.


Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chrsitmas Spirit My A.S.S!

If the shoe fits, go read blogs somewhere else...I'm not here to entertain you.

I just came back from the supermarket, believe me, today I was feeling in a very cheery mood, I'm even wearing my cute lili color hat, but as soon as I was about to park my car in the supermarket parking lot I see what people call it "The Christmas Rush".


If I was not the kind of person I am now, I would be still waiting for someone to yield me a piece of area where I could fit my big ass car to get in or out of the stupid parking lot.


Oh so simple...because you people are moooorrrooonnnnnsss that's why! You think everybody is like you and you want to be first in EVERYTHING!!!

First to steal line to pay, first to get into a parking space although there were people waiting for that spot for minutes, first to get out of the stupid parking lot, first to get the best piece of meat on the counter even if that means poking the eyes of the one who saw it first.


What happened to mankind? I want the answer right now so I prevent myself from killing the first civilian that will cross eyesight with me!!!

I don't understand, why you people have to be so rude and mean and incosiderate towards everybody around you, who the hell do you think you are anyway?? You're just another human being who was brought to this world by your parents selfishness to have a cute little toy to play with, but the only problem is that your parents never noticed you would grow and they would raise a monster, an inconsiderate, egocentric, selfish human being just like your parents, and your parents parents, and your parents parents parents and that's what you're doing now, those of you who have children, making those same kind of poeple you are now or even worst because you THINK you deserve everything there is and everybody should bow at your selfishness!!


I am not taking crap from YOU!


Instead of really celebrating a date when salvation was within us you would not be buying that stupid christmas tree to keep deteriorating mother earth or buying presents for the poeple you think they deserve to be gifted and depending of the range of importance to YOU you will give them the most expensive present there is, so YOU can get a raise, or YOU can get more favors from that other person who you're giving the stupid present to. You wouldn't be doing any of that crap you're doing now if you really understood what salvation of the spirit means.

Merchandising is what all you people are doing, buying, buying, buying, and distroying everything!!

You fucking people just don't get it, and when you will it will be too late for your damn soul to be saved from your own selfishness and what you have created around you and you do you know what will happen?

Why do you think there are more diseases that can't be cured? Why do you think the world is coming apart? Why do you think your kids are born the way they are and now they start killing each other at the age of 8, 9, 10??!!??

Did you know is all your fault?


Happy Fucking Saturday Everyone!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So It's Not So Broken Afterall!

Where's the Duck Tape?...

After all my dad's been saying that my mom is better off without him he decided to call mom and tell her how much he misses her by his side, or at least that's what my mother told me over the phone yesterday while my dad's version was a bit more of the contrary, like, my mom told him she misses him.

What ever!

The fact is that my father all of a sudden decided to join my mother and her happiness of being surrounded by 500 family members (that's right 500) and he's leaving tomorrow (talking about a desperate spouse), and he couldn't wait one minute longer, I think he spent his 100 free minutes talking to me trying to convince me to lend him the money for the plane ticket when I was still squeptic about him trying to socialize with all those family members, I mean 500 is not a small number you can just pass by, and that can be pretty traumatizing for a hermit such as my father, and myself by the way.

With disbelief I had to call my mother and tell her what was going on: "My father is trying to commit suicide with a moist sandwich bread here mother" - I said desperately - "Do you really, really want my father to join you on your happy vacations? Remember he's going to ruin your days for life"-To which my mother replied with a joyful voice - "Yes, yes! I want your father to be a part of this wonderful journey we can enjoy together and remember for the rest of our lives" (I swear that's what she said, she needs to stop watching too many soaps).

I can't say no to my mother; I was going to say NO to my father and tell him to stop acting like a baby and get a hold on himself and "Give me that moist sandwich bread, you're making your wrist dirty", but my mother is so sweet I just couldn't disapoint her. So my father right now must be worried sick with what clothes to take and how is he going to fit 5 changes of clothes on a small back pack for his trip near mom.

The only good thing I find in this story is that I will be completely alone for a whole week, I repeat, A WHOLE FRIGGIN WEEK!! I can hardly believe I'll be all by myself again.

Me must plan what to do while my parents are away, I have tons of books to read, tons of crap to clean, tons of time all by myself, uh, maybe I can rent Sponge bob square pants the movie, and watch all the TV I want without interruptions.


Can't he just leave like right now? Better yet, can't they just stay there like forever?!

Super Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Broken Egg!


I caught a cold on Friday, still I did some exercise on my killer new thingy that makes your legs super duper strong and all hot and sweaty I went out with my father to our usual Friday chat to a local cafe, being the winter so damn irregular when Wednesday we were at almost 90ºF, Friday was alot more chilly, around 60ºF, so you must imagine what all of that did to my organism after working out so hard.

Anyway, today I'm feeling all broken, not only because of the cold that's killing my nose and my chest. About a month ago my father called my devastated telling me how bad he felt for being with my mother the way he is, my father is not a as social as my mother is, she loves parties and gatherings with the family while my father is a pure hermith. I really don't understand till this day how was it possible two completely different people can be together for almost 30 years; then again, the saying of "The opossite atract" can apply to this odd couple.

As I was saying before, my father was feeling really bad because my mom one day revealed to him she was no longer doing what he told her to do and she would do what she pleased to do. Those words broke my dad's heart and almost crying over the phone he told me, he made a big mistake by marrying my mother after 30 years.

That broke me in pieces but I glued it all with kinder garden glue when I took both of my parents to a coffee shop and try to get them to talk to each other again with trivial talk, which worked just fine, at least that day; 3 days later my mother tells me by "coincidence she's going to visit her sister to her hometown...for 2 weeks and a half". mother never left my father before for so long, well, except for that time 5 years ago when I started to live my life on my own and she came to visit me to help me out move out of my brother's home, but that's another story.

That kind of surprised me, I mean, my father sounded really bad over the phone 3 days ago and now my mother tells me she's leaving to visit her sister; that didn't sound quite right, but who am I go judge them?

It's been 5 days since my mother left and today my father calls me telling me, maybe it will be better if my mother stayed there for a while longer.


Hell no! Why is he saying that? Again I can hear him by the tone of his voice he is pretty unhappy by the fact that my mother is away and having so much fun at her sister's, and I mean having lots of fun he meant she went to a birthday party were 300 of my mom's family members all gathered together and made a beautiful family party. I've never ever in my life been in such gigantic family parties; and it looks like my mom's family do that too often; she was raised between all that amount of family members so I can understand her happiness of seeing all of them together after 30 years. But it just looks like my father doesn't understand that and doesn't want to understand my mother comes from those roots where all the families join together and are always with each other for better or worst.

My father didn't grow like that, his family is all filled with hatred and racism and more hatred, they never were a united family, worst, neither of them ever wanted to help one another when one of the family members were in need. So he doesn't understand why is family so important.

As my mother had to choose between my father and his family and she decided to go with the hermits, me aswell as my brother were raised with the same family values as my father, which were, "No families are there to for anything but to cause pain, and family members are good for nothing", I can now understand why I am such a social freak, a grouch and a don't like to be around people but, this issue is not about me, it's about my father.

I had a small arguement with him while we were on the phone this morning and he was determined that my mother should stay where her family is and he should stay here, alone.

Was he trying to work into my mind so I could feel pitty for him? Because it's not working, I am sure he wants my mother to come back and wants to do it through me, telling me all of this crap so I can call my mother and tell her my father is feeling depressed because she left him for a party.

Pleezeeee, tho whom is he talking to? One of his own!!! That means, if he wants to die alone, let him die alone I am not going to interfere with his suicidal thoughts anyway.


This bitters me a bit, but it bitters me more that my boss is seeing my dieing here from this miserable cold and he is not telling me to go home...Well screw him, I'm passing my bird flu to everyone in this crappy joint anyway!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday Quickie!

3 things today…

3 things I am going to rant about, but just a bit.

#1 I hate it when I say I am taking a day or two of vacations my boss makes it as if the company is going to fall down if he doesn’t have anybody to give him his stupid reports.

Note to self: Need to work on tolerance for this old man or I’ll end up with bladder cancer.

#2 I sooo much hate it when people ask me where I am going if I am taking a day or two.

Note to self: Think of a better answer next time so those people think twice when they want to know about my private life.

#3 This is a note to self: Must avoid listening to others showing off their love to their partners on the phone: “No you hang up, no you, ah come on hang up, my boss is calling me, you hang up…ok I love you…now hang up, no, you hang up…”


“Take care ok? I’m coming over to fix you a yummy dinner, ok? I love you so much, take care, yes, I love you, ok? Bye bye, I love yoooouuuuuu, ok, bye….bye….hehe….ok I love you more, now bye, byyeeeeeeeeeee….”

One more of those and I’m going to pull my hair off in 10 seconds.

Happy Unhappy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Wants Some Christmas Turkey!


I must apologize my mind doesn't have more space to be as imaginative and creative as before, my troubles keep disturbing me and the only reason why I'm keeping this blog is for journal purposes only.

I'm taking tomorrow and part of friday off because I can't believe myself I still want things to work out fine between the guy I used to call BF and I, we'll see how it goes.

So two weeks ago I asked my boss thursday for vacation, he was ok with it so he didn't say more than good luck on your trip; this morning I thought it would be a good idea to stay home on friday and work the rest of the afternoon, and I guess I did wrong, I mean boss was in an ok mood when I went to his office to give him his daily reports but as soon as I told him I wanted part of friday off too, his face turned red, that wasn't a good sign at all, and it didn't end up good either but I'm still taking part of friday morning off, tee hee!

While I was shopping on my day off with mom now that she left for 2 weeks to her hometown, I realized the christmas spirit in every shopping mall was earlier than years before, and it was kind of disturbing, thinking about christmas has never been pleasant and this year is not going to be the exception; so far we went to three different stores that day and all of them had christmas carols in the background music, after 10 minutes I wanted to shoot the DJ that thought it was a good idea to play christmas music when Thanksgiving is not even here yet.

How ridiculously desperate can the businesses be to almost force the customers to think about early christmas shopping? I think by the time christmas is around the corner people will be sick of those christmas carols, and santa clauses and christmas trees and elves and pine tree smells. Although I end up with great deals like a 5 items for 25 bucks. wow!

Oh man, just thinking about christmas makes me want to throw up. Fortunately my family is not either religious or with any kind of holiday spirits, so we are all planning to remain in our homes, probably not watching TV or listening to the radio because we know we'll find the same movies TV networks pass every christmas.

Can't they be a little bit more creative?


Today I am going to a cultura center and see some Anime that one of my friends is organizing every week, finally after 2 years I'll be able to go see what is all about, although I have my doubts I can tolerate those 14 year old kids. God help me!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Single’s Club!

Yeah I kick ass…

Two days ago I received an email from a very, very old friend of mine from our high school years (10 years ago), he was my first love and I think I was his first love too, of course we never got to be in a relationship because everything was going so slow, it was boring, after the years we spoke again and he said he was waiting for me to give him a sign so he could ask me to be his girlfriend, and I told him I was the one waiting for his sign so I could say yes. That’s how innocent I was back then.

Anyhoo, this guy now is a successful Industrial Engineer working for a very important automotive manufacturing company and also working for the best university in Mexico. This guy I remember him in high school as one of the smartest in class, the eloquent kind, the poet and the well mannered; everybody thought was gay except me and his closest friends; he was detailed about his clothing, his hair style and he always smelled good, actually he was the only one wearing cologne at out class; a complete charm and a true gentleman.

So as I was saying, I received an email from him saying he was moving to another city with a great job offer and that he got married a few weeks ago. I was in terrible shock, although I remember him as a very good friend it is hard to believe he was first than me; then I remember his last words before I moved back to the North and he stayed in the south where he is right now: “ I wished I could find a woman like you to marry”.


Well I hope he did, who ever the woman was I hope she appreciates what she has with her because he really is a jewel, too bad things between us never got to be more than a friendship and I feel happy for his success. Though he’s not the first one of the group of revels that got married, a few other of my classroom also formed a family a few years back, so now we are just a couple of single people remaining from that time. But just because of the fact that he was my first love it feels…weird.

In the letter also he invites me to meet his wife (oh hell no please!) and then the words that dropped me: “I hope you meet my wife and probably when you do you we will already have one or two kids of our own”.


No thanks, I rather kill myself before seeing him being happily married and I am still single, pathetic and with this denigrating job…haha!

I don’t doubt one of these days I’ll see him, but it will feel so awkward to see him all as a grown up successful married man.

Oh gee

The good thing is, I’m still young, I still enjoy my freedom, I don’t have to give any counts to anybody and best of all, I don’t have children to look after.

Aahhh the single life! I loves it, loves it, loves it!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Hump!

Aahhhh headache….

Went to a company dinner last night; I was not in the mood to go, I was depressed and wanted to sleep to forget my depression, but I had to, it was a company yearly dinner for our department. So to keep my mind away from the world I drank 3 sangrias straight one after another, man, did they hit me hard; I didn’t eat anything since breakfast at 9 am so when dinner time came at 7 with 2 sangrias on an empty stomach I was ready to screw the guy on the next table.

Fortunately there was no guy on the next table otherwise I would have made a bad impression infront of the general manager. Anyway, I was out of there by 8 pm and I was drunk but able to drive back home, but I was inhibited and it was good for me to confront BF.

I came home and he hugged me asking me if I missed him, as usual I said NO, his smile was erased from his face as always, then I looked at him in the eyes and asked him.

Me: Do you love me?

BF: what do you think?

Me: I don’t care what I think just answer me, do you love me?

BF: Of course I love you, I love you too much, why do you say that, are you drunk?

Me: Well I think you don’t love me, I think you appreciate me that’s all

BF: OMG you’re drunk

Me: If you loved me you would make me happy; you would give me what I need!

BF: I told you already I can’t

Me: I know that, so don’t tell me you love me, you don’t know what love is anyway

BF: Of course I do, and I think you and I are meant to be

Me: Well I don’t think the same, you have your goals and I have mine, mine are to make me a family, I need my family and you can’t give it to me!

BF: I know I can’t, what do you want me to do for you so you can be happy?

Me: I already told you what I want, you can’t and you don’t want to give it to me, so I need to start looking somewhere else.

BF: Are you kicking me out of the house?

Me: I don’t want to kick you out of the house, I love you and it hurts me but you are giving me no other choice.

After that everything is a blur, I think I fell asleep from the commotion, the next thing I remember is I woke up crying, I had a horrible dream, I dreamt BF was cheating on me with the girl next door and I was yelling at him and hitting him and making a big scene infront of everybody; the alarm buzzed and I see BF’s side of the bed is empty, so I thought the dream was true, I didn’t want to get out of bed, I wanted to sleep more and never wake up, but I needed to pee so I had to go to the bathroom, and there he was, shaving and getting ready to go to work, he said good morning to me and I was still shaking from the bad dream I woke up from, he took me in his arms and whispered to me “why don’t you wish me a good morning my baby?”, and I replied “I’m still sleepy and my head hurts”.

And then I realized the effects of alcohol were fading away and with that my courage from last night; I was back to my old self again.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

3 Stages of a GF/BF relationship!

WTF was he smoking?…

BF and I are now in a new stage, the stage where the relationship is little by little dissolving, in 3 days more we’ll be 4 years together, I know we will make it to 4, but I barely think we will make it to 5.

I have no courage to break up with him, it was so hard for me to break up my past relationship that I feel the strength is not here yet to do it again, I can’t, I want to but I can’t and it makes me very angry; I rather wait till everything is broken and find one day he’s not coming back to visit me as he always does and we forget about each other as if he or I never existed, that I am hoping.

For the past week, since BF told me he doesn’t want to commit with me I have been very hard on him, dry, he noticed and has asked me several times what is wrong with me, as always I say nothing’s wrong, everything is good, what could possibly be wrong?

Alanna is right, I’ve thought about it several times, the best quality BF has is that he’s always honest to me and to himself and has always told me what is in his mind without thinking if what he will tell me will ever hurt me, I thanked him for being honest with me, and that to find in a man is difficult.

Saturday night BF asked me if I missed him, and I told him that I didn’t. He looked at me straight in the eyes, as if he was looking for something, as if I am hiding something from him, as if I am lying to him for telling him I didn’t miss him, but it was the truth; he stepped back…

BF: Why didn’t you miss me?

Me: Tell me why should I miss you?

BF: Really you don’t?

Me: I don’t miss you, but I like it when you come visit me

BF: What do you mean by that?

Me: It means when you’re here I’m happy and also when you’re not here.

It also means, that while he’s there I’ll be the happiest woman alive and when he’s not there with me I will also be happy, because I am enjoying my life as a single woman. I hope he did get the point when I said that.

So he gave me a speech about 80% of Mexican women have their replacements in case the guy dumps her she will not be alone at all because there are people in line waiting for the BF position and crap.

And then he came up with this 3 stages of a GF/BF relationship theory which consisted on the following:

Stage 1: You have a friends, at work, at school, anywhere you know, you go out in crowds for lunch, or a movie but it’s only friendship

Stage 2: You date the girl or guy and it’s almost like a commitment of dating together but still you are allowed to date other people of the opposite sex.

Stage 3: The relationship involves sex, dating, and a more serious relationship which you are no longer allowed in a stage 2 relationship because there is sex involved.

Is like everything -BF said- like psychology and physics say with this formula that is used all around the world to understand the basics of a relationship. I = v/R.

By then I blocked all my senses and began thinking of my next trip to Acapulco, so I really don’t remember what he told me about the universally used formula for relationships.

This same theory was passed to my mother on Sunday while we were cooking lunch, then my mother came out with this weird thought.

Mom: I spoke to God last night

Me: really? What did he tell you?

Mom: He told me BF is not for you

Me: Really...

Mom: Yes, he also told me the one will come for you in a short period of time, but you should not worry

Me: I’m not worried

Mom: He will come and propose marriage to you; he will give you a good life and also a house

Me: Wow, the whole package

Mom: He will be a very good man, if you think BF is a good man, this next one will be much better man than BF is, and you will be so in love with him.

Me: Of course I will, otherwise I wouldn’t marry him would I?

I felt as if mom was talking to a 5YO girl about santa claus and the presents and the tooth fairy.

Either she tried to cheer me up with everything or my face really looks bad and mom is trying to make me feel happy.

Anyway, I’m having what they’re having, as long as it makes me think and see stuff.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Am I wasting my Time?

Somebody please take my brain, I’m tired of thinking…

It all started Monday night when I asked BF to think about if he’s going to commit with me with a purchase of a home; he promised he would. On Tuesday night I asked him why would he not commit to me in any other way more serious than a house rent?

The answer really broke me into tiny little pieces, he said he didn’t want to be tied up with anybody and he didn’t know why he couldn’t “I love you too much but I just can’t, I need my freedom”, he said.

I tried to control myself and he even asked me if I was angry at him for telling me; seriously I was not, but I felt something, like a candle light dieing. Yesterday I woke up with a strange sensation, like when a loved one has passed away and there’s this sadness but tears won’t come out.

I got two feminist jokes by email, one about stop thinking about the loser you’re with and instead of having only one loser have 5 more for each day of the week so when one of the losers doesn’t call you a day you have a replacement. The other joke was about why being a 30 YO single woman is the best thing ever, because while all your friends got married at 23 had children at 25 and divorced at 27 you haven’t even gone through that, and although you are all alone you have reached basically all your life goals but the best comes after 30, love is the best, sex is the best, and you’ve got all the experience you need to choose the right man for you.

Although they were jokes, and very funny ones they made me think a bit of my relationship with BF. I can apply joke #2 to my real life because I have seen in my family 7 or 8 divorces in the last 2 years, of course all of them getting married at age 25 or 26, now they’re all thirty something with 3 to 4YO kids leaving them without a family.

I haven’t gone through that yet, I don’t want that for me, I’ve seen the face of failure right infront of me those 8 times already and I know is a lot more painful than what I am feeling right now.

BF has a lot of wonderful qualities, but the only problem with him is that he doesn’t want to commit; I do, I want to start a family without children and enjoy my life with the one I love and share all our life goals together. I can’t have that with BF; our life together is uncertain, I don’t like to feel uncertainty about somebody, or something that affects me, I need precision, I need straight decisions, I don’t like to see all gray I need to see a path, a pattern that will allow me to see further; but then, he already told me there’re no ties between us, I know where I am going with BF but I am the one who is now putting the blind fold because I don’t want to see what is going to happen next.

Knowing now what BF means in my life gives me other choices to look around, probably talking to him about seeing other people that will fit our needs will be good, probably applying joke #1 will be best for me. We talked about this issue once, he knows if I ever find another person who will offer me what I need I will take it without any doubt, so I think both of us have been clean about our feelings; he knows I need a husband I know he needs his freedom, we’re both together for convenience and comfort because we know each other already and I am tired of looking for the right man, his reasons for staying with me, I really don’t know.

I find the easiest way to break apart the relationship between BF and I is for me to start dating other men while we are still together; having a “replacement” will do me best. I hope he does the same.

At least I know my hopes of including BF in my life plans are not going to happen, those hopes died when BF said he didn’t want responsibilities; it hurts, it hurts too much.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Monday, November 07, 2005

A New Stage!

Hates it, hates it, hates it…

It’s been more difficult to keep up with this blog as my time schedules are being tighter each day. Still I need to focus on it because I want to read it after the years go by and see how many insanities I have wrote and if my English has improved or gotten worst, so I should at least create me a time schedule somewhere between my visits to the restroom or while I eat to at least update my own journal, I need ME time dammit!

Even though BF moved out of the house on April and that means I no longer have to cook for another person and do the amount of laundry I used to clean and maintain the house cleaner for 2 people, I don’t know how I found a way to keep my schedule busier than when BF was around, and I really don’t think the gym is the reason why.

Anyhow, getting tired of being on the computer over 10 hours a day makes it more difficult for me to go home, turn on the computer and start working on it for a couple of more hours, I am not that much of an computer lover either to make the sacrifice. Plus I rather spend some good time away from it, watching the Discovery channel or how the National Geographic spends all their money creating an imaginary new life form in another planet. Also, because I do believe the computer is making my eye sight worst than it was a couple of years before and my ass is someone growing wider.

Definitely don’t want that to happen, my hips are wide enough to fit a towing truck.

Anyway, back to the subject; I have found a newer way to spend the extra time I had for toilet visiting and sleeping, and that is buying a house, a house that is actually the egg shell because is not yet finished (it also has the size of an egg shell), well it is finished but not like I would have liked to be finished; It has a huge ground, for that tiny little house that was built, so I am planning to make a complete house makeover that will really make the house bigger and wider, that means, I will have to destroy the actually structure of the house to create a newer one.

I want to believe is piece of cake and I really don’t want to know in what mess I am getting into, but I am sure that I will get greener and greener, probably even I’ll go into liver transplant or go into vesicle stone surgery from all the pressure. But we’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with my mother, believe it or not it is more peaceful to speak to my mother than to speak with my father when it should be the other way around. Anyway, my mother gave me some very good advice on how to follow my own feelings about this new step I am going to make, it will be one of the biggest steps I will make in my life and I don’t want to screw it; I am not the kind of person who puts a foot in the front without knowing what’s going to happen. I am blind here and it really creeps the hell out of me, I don’t want to make a mistake with this, but then how will I know?

Today I have an appointment with the credit advisor for this house I am thinking of and if I go to that appointment I will be charged with 100 bucks, if I am not going to buy this house anyway why should I go? Before I can go to this appointment I should be clear of what I want to do, and really I am not yet sure.

I will have to call up and cancel this appointment so I can have my thoughts straight. Rebuilding a house does not make me happy, I would have to pay rent while I am fixing this current house and that will make it worst for my economy.

Dammit I want my mango tree land!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Wednesday Super Mega Hump!!!!

Duh Yoli Duh....

I did the most stupid thing I have ever done in my entire life, I lost my debit card. There is only one good thing about this whole issue, and is that I can still take money out directly from the cashier register at the banks, of course with my original contract and my official ID.

Now the bad thing is that I have to wait 2 whole weeks to get my replacement because stupid me I asked the bank to send me my new card to my house, and the process to do it takes all that time, now if I were explained before that asking the replacement to deliver to my house would take more time than if I asked to send it to a bank would take 2 days at most I would have done the second choice.

Secondly I am never home and when my new plastic arrives I am the one who needs to be there to sign the delivery document; I work, I am never home!!!! I thought they were just going to drop it on my mailbox but no, they have to get my signature in place to leave me my plastic.


Now I called costumer service to ask them if I could change the delivery address to a bank instead of my home and now the lazy ass telephone guy told me he can’t do that, once I request my plastic in one way they can’t change it back.

This really sounds stupid! Now I have to call back again and speak to another costumer service lazy ass like the one before and ask him or her the same question and see what this new person answers me and I will do so like that 3 more times and see which of those 5 answers match, because I didn’t know, those lazy asses telephone people are so damn lazy they just come up with stupid answers.

I remember one time when I used to have a credit card (thank god it’s cancelled) I had to change my address, so I called the costumer service line to request a change of address, and the girl on the line told me she couldn’t change my address until I had 1 year with the credit card.


So I ask the woman with the most stupid voice I could find “So this means that I can run away from you guys and you will not find me ever again because you are telling me I can’t change my address before 1 year of having this credit card? Are you sure of what you are telling me girl? Do you understand what mistake you’re making by not taking my change of address? I can not pay you ever again”

Well of course the girl was upset because I offended her intelligence.


Stupid people!!

Anyhow, I feel stupid too, now I’ll have to wait 2 weeks so I can get my new plastic back and in the mean while I’ll have to pay everything with cash, (that sucks!) or I’ll have to keep calling until I find a sane person who will take my plead and will accept to change my request to get that card delivered to a bank near my company.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Hippy Hulloween!


That really wasn't my costume, but Prestbury had a great idea..thanks Prest!

Been sooo busy with all the closing month crap and all that crap that needs to be dealth with before closing a month. Anyway, as an antisocial freak that I am I did not open my door to anybody who was trickortreating tonight, what those parents wanted me to give their children candy for their lack of imagination to dress up their kids?

Better luck some other century dudes!

In other news, I put a part of a down payment for a house Yay! I can't believe BF drove me into that, but well that was that and I am expecting to be approved by the end of November and hopfully by the first months of next year I will be living in a new home (egg shell actually) but who cares, a house is a house and I am no longer paying more rent for my landlord, he's a cheap ass moron!

And now, I present to you, my work desk...

Really I don't like stuffed animals on a desk, it keeps too much space, but because people see I have stuffed animals on my desk, they think I must loves them! I don't...stop giving me stuffed animals people!!!

This is the story: the cow belongs to North Carolina, Drama Queen gave it to me, she thinks I love stuffed animals. The turtle, well that one doesn't count, I bought it because the head moves. The moose belongs to Alaska, a former workmate gave it to me, he also thought I love stuffed animals. And last but not least, the koala, this koala bear belongs to Australia, yup, that is my souvenir I got from my crappy old boss for helping him arrange his trip to Ausy land.

And last but not least....

My kitty key chain..I LOVES MY KITTY KEY CHAIN!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

And The Picture Madness Begins!


But before we begin, let's start with what I love to do best...

Whine about crap and stuff.

Yesterday afternoon we had an "informative administrative employee only meeting" (whew that was long) that was to inform us about something that was not quite clear of what it was but thinking about the subject it might have meant maybe information about the new products coming to our facility or maybe the christmas party (which I am not attending this year because this company sucks ass) or maybe of a halloween extravaganza where we could wear customes that day and made fouls out of ourselves. I don't know, it must have been something like that, but knowing the kind of company Nutter Industries is, I should have known better by now after being here for over a year.

Anyway, the meeting started late, and it was about some crap I didn't really understand because the H.R. Mayor beyotch was mixing up about timing cards and checking time and being late and production people but also administrative personnel, signing papers, asking permission and waiting for authorization to get out and not being paid for eating outside the company and what not. I don't know, till this moment I couldn't figure out what that woman wanted to say.

Anyhoo, Drama Queen said "Bah who cares anyway? I am not paying attention to this crap". I said "what ever". 3 hours later Drama Queen comes back with a red face and a personality more like the Tasmanian Devil's wife, saying nonsense about complotting the HR beyotch and wanting to form a sindicate for administratives who don't check cards and how to burn the witch in a big hole full of snakes and my boss burning along with her and so. I said "didn't you say you didn't care about that crap like 3 hours ago?", Drama Queen said "Gaaaah blah duh iiiii eeowwkk pprrrrhhtttt baaahhiii ttiikennn blaaahhh".

The woman is nuts I tell you; so later on I turned to a guy who looks like he has more sense of humanity and I try to convince him to convince the Tazmanian Devil to slow down before the woman does something she will regret for the rest of the time she'll be working at Nutter Ind. And so he did and now we're all happy, and safe from burning inside the plant.

And now, some Kodak Moments!

Topoli here distroying my 2nd hand furniture, who told him he could use it to do his own manicure anyway? (look at the eyes, he seems pleased).

My brand new boots, well not so brand new anymore because I already used them twice. Weeeeeee.

And now, something revealing...

See why I say I am related to ostriches?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yoli is Happy Today!


For the first time in god knows how many years I am feeling happy.

Why am I happy you ask? Well...

#1 I have changed my working shift 30 minutes earlier and it's working wonders, now I get to leave 1 hour before all these bunch of losers (weeee) and that by end, gets me to be home 30 minutes earlier to be with BF when he visits me...weeeeeee

#2 BF bought me my camera with picture printer (right, I have to post the story, crap I forgot. Ok I'll tell it quick).

#3 I am officially a size 12 now....weeeeeeeeee I was formerlly a size 13/14 last year, now I am a size 11/12. I dropped 1 dress size in 4 months with no diets!! (weeeee). Thank you spinning classes!!!!

#4 Daylight saving time is coming so I will get to sleep "one hour earlier" super weeeeee.

#5 The hot weather is gone, I am so happy about that now I can go back to my natural skin color because right now I look like my legs don't belong to the rest of my body, they're milky white I tell ya!

#6 I am retouching my red highlights so they will go back to red again this saturday. (pictures with my new camera coming up after I redo my highlights)

#7 Finally I found the brown boots and the brown pants I needed so much. And the boots were a great deal! I can't believe it. (pictures also coming up tonight)

Now the story of how BF bought me my digicam!

Thursday night I was trying to convince BF we NEEDS a digicam, we must HAVES it because we are so behind technology we NEEDS a digicam. But BF was not so convinced about the thought of spending money on a digicam until I told him he could do lots and lots of fun stuff with it, then he kind of didn't say yes.

So on Saturday I went shopping with my parents and while we were at it we drove to Best Buy, from where I called BF and asked him if he wanted to catch me up at the store; 30 minutes later he was outside waiting for me and I took him inside. I was really looking for a cheap, cheap camera, I mean I was only going to take family pictures with it and besides BF didn't say he would buy me the digicam so in case he would say no I would buy the cheapest one anyway. While the guy at the store was helping us decide which camera was good and cheap BF asked for a picture printer, (no we don't need a picture printer, we NEEDS a digicam dammit) and so the seller showed us a deal we could not miss a Kodak Ease share 0310 with picture printer included for only $199; but I only wanted to spend $100 bucks and no more, well as much $150 but not 200 bucks, oh hell no.

BF was so excited about the deal he said "Let's take it", to my amusement I thought (are you really going to buy it for me?) so I asked him "are you really going to buy it for me? You know I don't have more than a hundred bucks to spend", and BF said "Just take it, I'll pay for it, why are you whining".

And so, we walked out of Best Buy with a digicam, a picture printer, a pack of picture paper and ink cartridges, a camera cover, and we almost walk out with the memory card but we forgot about it at the cashier counter...crap! (now I'll have to go there next week and buy it).

So as soon as we went back home, we installed the camera, and started taking pictures, actually the first picture I took was the one with BF and the two kitties.

See? I told you I was going to give you a Kodak Moment!


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Sunday almost Monday Special!

And now I present to you...

Meet the new family members, well...almost, the fluffy kitty in the bottom of the pillow is "Topoli" which means chubby in BF's language, and the other kitty looking at that white round smily head is "Conchita", I named her like that because she's a lazy ass, and all lazy asses in my country are called "conchas". And well, the big white smily face is the BF but for security reasons I am not displaying his big persian head. Isn't he ready for halloween?

And now this...

Doesn't that look good? This is the so called Peanut butter cake, and I must say it is GOOD!

Here's another sky view picture of my peanut butter cake for your enjoyment...

Alright is not centered so sue me, I'm new at this anyway, little by little I'll get to improve.

And if you want the recipe for this recipe (bwahaha, excuse me, I'm half asleep here) let me know and I'll send it to you by email.

Happy Sun/Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2005

All the Way to a Friday Quickie!


I can't believe it's already Friday, the week went flying around here.

So far I've been really busy, so busy I forgot I have a blog, that's not pretty.

I've been so busy I forgot all the things I wanted to post about so that means I gotta get me a reminder or something.

I've been so so busy I forgot to pay my water and my electricity bill, so I hope I don't wake up tomorrow without water or electricity. Oh please don't!

I've been so busy I haven't get my grip and talk to my boss to change my working shift because so busy I have been I don't eve have time for finish up his reports.

I've been so extremely busy my red highlights are no longer red, they have turned yellow, orange and pink, and so far that's the coolest thing that has happened to me this week. I have multicolored highlights. haha!

Now what I need to do on Saturday and Sunday:

1. Buy brown winter shoes and brown boots. I NEEDS it!

2. Buy me a digicam (already told BF to get it for me but he told me basically I was out of my mind, I am not putting my finger away though until I convince him we NEEDS a digicam)

3. Clean up my home, wash my car and do laundry (crap)

4. Get the new kittens a new home, deflea them, declaw them and dedust them (hehe).

5. Probably if I have some time left over I'll bake the peanut butter snack cakes and if I buy my digicam this weekend you'll get to see some Kodak moments.


Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Randomness!

Let’s see now…

#1 It’s raining, not like hell but, hell it is raining!

#2 Someone sprayed angel cake scent in the AC piping, the whole building at Nutter Industries smells. I want some of that.

#3 Aunt flow is here, oh yes she’s here and she came with anger; can I go home now?

#4 I brought my bigass umbrella today in case it rains when I get off, I made a bump to a car, hope nobody catches me for it. Yikes!

#5 Eating with Drama queen is a drama; unfortunately I am never in the mood to listen to her weeping about her dead dog. At least she doesn’t weep while she’s eating, that helps.

#6 As much I have heard how the production girls spray themselves with the water sprinklers by accident it never stops being hilarious to hear them scream and see them wet.

#7 I’m bored, I want to go home and bake some peanut butter rice cake snacks.

#8 I realized I need a digicam, no, no, I don’t need it, I NEEDS IT!!!!

#9 Those kitties are cute, but I can’t stop thinking about all the mites they have on their fur and how many fleas are growing. Eow.

#10 One of the kitties doesn’t let me pet him, but he always makes himself clear that I must give him food, and ignoring him is not an option. Meeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwww dammit Meeeeooooowwwww!

#11 Adoption centers are crazy, how in heavens will they think I am going to pay $100 bucks for a cat. I’m sticking with the neighbors kitties for now, the neighbors have lost their chance.

#12 Wow, automatic self cleaning kitty litter tray….wow

#13 What? $140 bucks for automatic cleaning litter tray? I can buy tons of stuff with that money, 3 weeks worth of grocery shopping, 20 cartons of eggs, 3 pairs of slacks, 6 sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes, a couple of tickets to Disneyland, save money for my dream mango land.

#14 Where are the neighbors? Look! One kitty just pooped on my doorstep…crap!

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Monday, October 17, 2005

I Am a Balloon Head!


My life is not a pretty life, it sucks. I went window shopping on Saturday with a friend of mine and my mom, and to my horrible luck everything was 40%, 50% and 60% off. Now I usually spend around $400 bucks on clothing all at once and sometimes only at one store when I really need clothes. This time I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I just wanted to go window shopping but I couldn’t resist the deals, so I ended up buying one pair of pretty gray pants with pretty pink stripes and a pretty gray ¾ sleeve cardigan and a pretty soft violet sweater. Boo hoo, and I felt bad, so bad, oh so bad I felt I was betraying my dream of buying me my land with mango trees.


$100 bucks less on my piggy bank and I still need winter clothes, dammit! I need brown boots, agghhh!

Anyway; let’s change the subject.

I think I have adopted 2 kittens, I think, I know I think because they show up in my doorstep every single morning asking me…no, no…begging me….no, not that either…demanding me to give them food, and love and attention and more food and milk and kitty litter.

Nooooo, these cats are not mine, they belong to my neighbors across the street. I sooo blame BF for this, he’s the one who brought one of the kittens to show it to me, now there are two kittens meowing at my door. Oh well, they are kittens and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist them so I already bought them cat food and gave them milk and one egg for breakfast, and they seem pretty happy ripping off my curtains and my living room furniture; but what can I do? I hope the neighbors don’t get angry at me for taking their kittens away from their children.

And this morning I woke up with a happy feeling, all of a sudden I started sneezing, and all that sneezing made my nose runny and all that made my head blow up like a balloon and that balloon head made my head hurt, and I can’t see well, and I can’t move without body pain, and it’s raining outside and I feel miserable, and I haven’t go to the gym as I am supposed to and I have a Chinese Opera to go to tomorrow.

Does this mean I am catching a flu?


Happy Rainy Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Friday Quickie with No Mangos!


Bleah! I had an answer from the real state agency about my dream land and turns out the owner wants cash and wants it in full. How in the world do they think someone is going to have all that money on hand at once?

Anyway, that piece of land will be only a dream for about 6 or 7 months till I collect at least half of what tha land costs, in the mean time I'll stick my butt to Nutter Industries... (Super Crap)

Sad news for a friday in deed!

In other news:

I am going to a presentation of the Beiging Opera on Tuesday and I am soooo excited I can hardly wait for that day. What's the Beijing Opera you ask? Well you would have to see it yourself to understand because it's a wonderful mixture of chinese culture, martial arts, costumes, make up, acting, singing all together forming a very unique, strange but beautiful master piece.

And so with this background I say to Drama Queen (aka the woman who weeps to me at lunch time) that this Beijing Opera is coming to town for only one presentation to what she replies with an awkward face "Oh, I wanted to see X rock band last month but didn't have the chance".

Girl, it's Opera we're talking about here not a cheap ass rock band!!!!!...

Damn ignorant, and still she doesn't ask what it is pretending to know what I am talking about and criticizes it as if we are talking about a regular Italian Opera. I want to shoot this woman in her humongous head.

Someone give me a bazuka!....Yes her head is THAT big.

Aaaannnd last but not least, I am going windows shopping tomorrow, weeeeeeeeeee...... (crap!)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hillbilly Yoli!


Been looking around for grounds to invest my poor lil’o money in, and while browsing around I fell in love with a huge ground with 17 Mango Trees, surrounded by forest and is near a lake.

It made me think of making me a little farm, with chickens, one cow and lots of cats to play around. Planting banana tress, and orange trees and sugar canes and corn and tomatoes and avocados, oh the list is endless.

And the price is so reasonable I just couldn’t resist asking, so I am waiting for a reply from the real state agents I asked information to and if they're reasonable with the land, I won't doubt on buying it.

I think if I get to buy that piece of land I will have to change my lifestyle of being a city girl and turn into a hillbilly, imagine me, with overalls and a dirty hat planting my fruits and veggies, going to the river once in a while to catch some fish for dinner and supporting me and my parents with what we can get by selling fruit conserves and pastries; enjoying the natural habitats; the bad thing is I will have to live around spiders and snakes but I am sure it will be worth it and I won’t mind, I’ll buy me lots of Raid when I go town which is a mile away.

That is definitely the kind of lifestyle I want to give my parents and myself once I grow older; pure nature to the core, no cars, no people around for miles, just me and my mango trees, my chickens and my cows. No more Nutter Industries, no more old farts, no more TV, computer…

Wait a minute…if I don’t have a computer I won’t be able to blog, ok, definitely must have satellite to use my laptop there at least to know what’s up with the world, and blogland.

Oh yes, blogland, I just couldn’t live without.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Tuesday with a Meme!

So this is a meme hey?....

Alright, by request from Steph because she knows my days at Nutter Industries are not productive; I may now comply with this so called "Meme", I didn't know these questionares were called Memes. I remember when I was little, all my friends would pass around notebooks with all sorts of questions, we called it the "gossip book", and all the girls wanted to answer them, even if the questions were lame and stupid. I even made up my own gossip book but I was never so popular so the only people who answered my gossip book was me, an imaginary friend and my cat.

Those were the days...

Anyway, on with the Meme:

three names I go by:
1. Yoli
2. Yolis
3. Yolita

three screen names you've had:
1. Rubberducky
2. Ekoloka
3. Rubberbond

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. My face
2. My hair
3. My hands

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. My teeth
2. My weight
3. My legs

three parts of your heritage:
1. Spanish
2. Arabic
3. French

three things that scare you:
1. Heights ( hates it …hates it alot)
2. Dust mites (gaahh!)
3. Dieing alone and people finding out a week later because of the pudrid smell of my rotten body full of maggots.

three of your everyday essentials:
1. Shower
2. Make up
3. Hair styling products

three things you are wearing right now:
1. Black pants with very thin white stripes
2. Black sleeveless turtle neck
3. Black undies and bra

three of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1. Enya
2. Enigma
3. Missy Elliot

three of your favorite songs (at the moment):
1. Only Time - Enya
2. Return to Innocence - Enigma
3. Pass that Dutch – Missy Elliot

three things you want in a relationship:
1. Trust
2. Commitment
3. Love

two truths and a lie (in no particular order):
1. I’ve been in a threesome
2. My brother and my sister are married together
3. I killed a dog once

three physical things about the [non-]opposite sex that appeal to you:
1. Pretty Face
2. Gorgeous hair
3. And a well shaped body and I mean well

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. reading
2. blogging
3. watch documentaries

three things you want to do really badly right now:
1. Eat, I’m so hungry!!
2. Go home and do my laundry
3. See the BF

three careers you're considering:
1. Psychiatry
2. Neurology
3. Psychology

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Beeaaachhhhh I need warm beeaccch!!
2. Anywhere in the Mountains
3. Canada

three kids' names you like:
1. Don’t like kids in the first place
2. So the only names I can think of are
3. Bugger, creatures from hell, leeches…etc.

three things you want to do before you die:
1. Live my life in the best and harmonious way possible
2. Leave at least a small drop of wisdom
3. Get things ready for when the time comes people won’t find me a week later all maggotty and stinky.

Who will I pass this to? Well anybody who wants to, I'm not picky, plus the 2 readers that follow me already did it and I don't want to be rude.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Morning Thoughts!


1. Why if we had enough rain last year to give away for free the water keeps running out over the weekends and I have to smell like a skunk? Although I have a huge water supply system underneath my house but is getting rot because the pump doesn't work. WTF!

2. When I turn on the pump to at least flush the toilets when the water runs out, the gage from the water company goes counter clockwise, this is a bad thing because the water from my pump goes back to the water company and good because it means my flush is making my water bill go down...Guess I'll have to flush the toilet more often huh?

3. How it comes when I drink a glass of wine it's like I'm taking a whole bottle of valium? I am definitely taking a glass before I got o sleep...I suffer from insomnia.

4. Why women have to suck at driving? I know I suck at driving but at least I don't suck as much as those moms with mini vans or high chassis. WTF lady! If you have a huge high chassis it means you can go through the bump not drive around it! And don't stop at a hill to cross a bump, you have a friggin truck for Pete's sake!, give it to me and you can have my 1993 oldmobile, you can drive it like your high chassis if you like.

5. it's Monday, I didn't clean my house, didn't do my laundry and here I am at work... blogging.

Why work isn't more productive?? Can I bring my washer machine?

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Quickie!

You Are A: Pony!

ponyWho doesn't love a pony? You are one of these miniature horses, renown for your beauty and desired by many. Full of grace, you are a beautiful and very special animal, full of strength and majesty.

You were almost a: Turtle or a Groundhog
You are least like a: Duck or a MonkeyThe Cute Animals Quiz

A Pony??!!!! WTF!!!

thought I was going to be a porky pine or something; this quiz sucks!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yoli's Car is Fixed!

This is how the chaos was on Tuesday night....

Car overheats, water is leaking from somewhere...Yoli freaks out and calls BF at Yoli's home.

BF: Hello?

Me: Hi baby, can you come and pick me up? My car overheat.

BF: What? What do you mean?

Me: ... Do you know what overheat is?

BF: Overheat, the car needs water

Me: Not exactly but can you come and pick me up? I'll be at the company

BF: Put water on the car and let it cool off.

Me: Nope, can't do that, the water is leaking from somewhere and a guy from my company says is the water pump, please come and pick me up!!!!

BF: (sigh) Ok, but are you sure is the water pump? Maybe is the fan that's not working.

Me: Yeah, that too, the fan is not working, now can you come and pick me up? Pleeasseeeee??!!!!

BF: (sigh) Ok, I'll be right over.

45 minutes later... and my butt is freezing outside the company, BF comes with dad on the side, yup dad joined the party too. BF decides he wants to take the car to the house so my dad can take it to the mechanic but sees the water pump is spitting out the water back to the floor, so BF decides the car stays in the company and we all head back home. It was 7:20 by then.

A couple of blocks down....

Dad: I need to go to the bathroom

Me: Dad!! Why didn't you tell me before!? I could have asked the guards to open the office area for you...agh! Do you really have to go?

Dad: Well, is not like I am going to blow up, I can hold it till we get home.

Me: Ok, there's a gasoline station right at the U turn, just hang on.

Dad: (Turning red) Ok!

We're supposed to drive into a U turn but I see BF not turning...

Me: The U turn is right over....dammit you missed it!

BF: It's been too long since I came here I don't remember

Me: could have asked!!...Dad are you ok?

Dad: (turning blue)'m ok (grins)

Me: Baby, my dad needs to go to the bathroom and the gas station was way in the back, now we have to go all the way down and we are going to get stuck in traffic...I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!

BF: Just enjoy the scene...look at the pretty cars (grins)

Me: Dad, there's another gasoline station at the bottom before we head the other U turn, you think you can hold it?

Dad: (turning yellow) not like I'm going to blow up or something....hmmm...I can hold....hhhmmmmjjjj.

10 minutes later and we're still stuck in traffic.

Me: Dad? We're almost there ok?

Dad: (completely pale) Hmmjjjj....ok!

Me: Baby, did you check the gas tank in your car before you picked me up? You're empty!!!...Oh my god we are so not going to make it!!!!

BF: Relaaaax, if the car turns off I'll just walk and get more gas, look the gasoline station is right infront of us.

Me: Infront of us? You still need to cross the intersection and there's no pedestrian crossing here, you have to walk almost a mile!!!. My dad needs to go to the bathroom!!!!

Dad: (almost fainting) No...hhmmm..problem....hhhmm...I'm holding it!

Finally we get to the gas station with the tank almost empty and my dad almost pooping his pants. BF fills the tank and dad goes to do his business.

A couple of minutes later and we are all happy and waiting in traffic for another 30 minutes. But at least my dad is not dieing and BF's car has enough gas to hold a 2 hour traffic.

So you see people, is not good to take your elderly parent somewhere far away from home because they just need to go at the time least expected.

Next time I am bringing him a portable potty.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OH Now What?!


Why is it all the time things have to come to me in a cumulative way and not little by little? Yesterday was the “shit river” as some of you called it, and I thought it was hilarious, and now my car broke down because the water pump was leaking all the antifreeze and my car almost melt down.

Not to mention my hair is a huge mess today because we’re having Santa Ana winds and really, this could not get any worst…or is it? I hope I don’t find a flat tire or maybe something worst after the mechanics give me back my car and they should give it back to me no later than this afternoon. I am not taking the public transportation with this weather, with this hair and with all this static that’s flowing all over I have been electrocuted already 10 times this morning and I am expecting more electrocutions for the rest of the afternoon and all of this is BF’s fault….

I don’t know I just feel like blaming on to him!

I’m expecting to go to the gym today because I think I am gaining weight again and I don’t like it, I’ve been doing wonderfully well when BF and I got separated because I was going 5 times a week, now I am going 3 times a week at the most. This is unbearable, and for this, is BF’s fault too…

On to another news, I am getting me a digi cam maybe, and I am saying maybe because maybe by then I will loose all interest on buying a digi cam and instead I’ll decide to keep saving my money to buy me a house which I need to the most. I am not liking the tweety yellow color. Anyway and in the mean time, no pictures for you. You are all going to have to stick with the Ostrich at the top right corner, if you want to imagine me with red highlights well then put a damn wig on the ostrich and there you’ll have me with red highlights, which by the way they’re no longer red because I decided not to follow the rules of beauty in not buying a $15 dlls bottle of L’Oreal red shampoo, I’m too cheap for that and rather keep myself with my current 700 mil bottle of Pantene and I am keeping it until I finish the last drop of it, even if it means I’ll end up with pink highlights!

Hurray for Pink Highlights!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The World is Falling and I can’t Get Out!

Wished it was like this but not on a closing year…

I've been closing year for the past two weeks so I don’t get caught on a rush. Fortunately because I am super smart and super organized I was able to cool down when this morning at 7 am I was leaving home to get to work to continue my closing month and I see this huge line of traffic and is very slowly moving, after 45 minutes of being stuck in the same place a police officer tells us all to move to another exit which leads us to the Highway towards Ensenada so we could make a U turn and head back on our ways to work.

Everybody were using their cell phones except for me, I still had 2 minutes more and I thought maybe a miracle could happen and I was being saved by God all mighty and a bird would come and rescue me from the traffic; but the damn bird never showed and I was stuck for another 30 minutes for that U turn; finally we reach the end of the U turn and I was happy, it was already 8:10 am so I thought well I think I can make it on time to finish up the reports in 2 minutes and give it to the boss and maybe he won’t notice. Well I was wrong!

Suddenly we all see ahead 2 more police cars and people coming back the way they came from and I thought this could not be happening, not today, why today? They can’t send us back to our houses… this is insane! Well not so, the policemen were really sending us back where we came from, that meant another hour of traffic on the way back. What happened? We didn’t know, we were all being pushed back to our homes because “something” happened on the road, I came back home clueless at 9 am. 2 hours of traffic and we didn’t move anywhere I ended up in the same place I started.

Once I got home I turned on the TV and the mystery was solved, a huge sewage pipe broke and all the dirty water moist the soil on the mountains and a huge chunk of a mountain collapsed over the roads, so actually there was no way in or out of town, we were trapped, well, not so but we were, unless we had to pay $2.5 dlls to cross the highway to Ensenada and back to TJ. I don’t think so!

I had to call my boss and explain the situation and he laughed…he laughed. I didn’t think it was funny, I spent 2 hours of gas for nothing and I was not going to spend another hour of gas trying to get to work. Oh hell no! So I waited until the city trucks removed all the dirty crap that was blocking the roads.

In the mean time I went to my parents home to kill the time and we had a good brunch, oh what a brunch it was, it was good, so good it made me sleepy so I fell asleep, I told my mom to wake me up at 1 pm so I could get ready to work and she didn’t, I know why she didn’t, she didn’t want me to go anywhere and stay with them. So I was late; now I had to rush over to my work so I could be there on time and make worth the time I was going to stay there “working” and finishing up the things I needed to finish so they could not accumulate for the next morning.

I got to my work at 2 pm to find some bitter news, HR beyotch had gone to my boss and tell him I got off early last Tuesday and said I didn’t tell anybody I was leaving early, of course I did, I told the director of the company I was leaving early. Damn snake! She will have to cry because I am here only for 3 hours more and I am out of here…tee hee.

I am so sure she is going to make me fill out a permission form for the 7 hours I was out of here because of the traffic stuff.

Oh I know, why don’t I gather a little bit of that muddy crap that built in the morning and splat it on her new car…oh that would be nice.

I’ll dream about it while I’m sleeping tonight…ha!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!