Monday, December 06, 2004

A New Day, A New Month!

Ah Crap…

Sorry about that, I just haven’t have the time to grouch myself over here. I’ve been busy, again, this is not new I know but hey, at least I’m doing something productive…for my company not for me.

Friday was our Christmas dinner at Nutter Industries. It was…I don’t know, I went there and after 5 minutes I had to leave, why? Because we spent almost an hour trying to find that dinner place which was well hidden between a big Motel and a big crossing bridge, I was not wearing my glasses and in the night all I can see are just little sparks of light around me, so there, I’m guilty for not wearing contacts. What ever!.

When we got to the party it was already 10 pm, boyfriend and I were starving and dinner would start at 9ish, so we thought we could still make it for the dinner, but we were wrong. Despite that, I am an anti social freak so I don’t get along with anybody but myself, and my boyfriend so if we were going to seat somewhere or with someone, it would be with someone at least we know so the situation wouldn’t feel so tense. My department people were sitting in one table, and the table was crowded, there was no room but only one seat available because this big ass fat-so-called Process Engineer and Master Degree in other crap was sitting in our formerly saved seat for me and b/f and there was no way I was going to seat my boyfriend in a corner near some dorks I don’t know. Anyhoo, we saw one seat and so we said, let’s go, we’re hungry and dinner is way passed. So we left, without saying goodbye. I’m a genius.

And there it went my big Christmas party, with an hour of wasted time and 5 minutes of feeling beautiful and hungry. What ever!

Did I mention I took the King Size wannabe comforter back? Oh yes, and I got my money back and with that money I bought Bath and body works creams and other thingies worth more than the king size wannabe comforter, so now I’m broke but a good smelling one, boyfriend can’t complain about that.

Did I mention again it rained…again? Well yes, It seems the dirt mountains and rock made roads are getting deeper and deeper, I think the San Andrea fault is crossing right where I’m crossing to go to work.

If I don’t come back, look for me in the underground.

California is sinking I tell ya!

Happy Monday Everyone!


Monkey said...

This line of yours had me cracking right up!:
"...Despite that, I am an anti social freak so I don’t get along with anybody but myself..."

Tricia said...



Merry Christmas party girl!

Pup said...

Was there an open bar? I think I would've stayed for an open bar.

Good for you, better that you left than be yelling at people you work with :)

Prestbury said...

You did the right thing for an antisocial freak!

Yoli said...

Monkey! Don't laugh, it ain't funny! hahahahaha!

Tricia! you woman you! Where you hidding? No friday quickies for you!. Ok, christmas crap is here I forgot so I forgive you. Merry christmas 2 u 2.

There was an open bar at the Motel...We didn't go there, that's too creepy.

Of course I did and let me tell you, those 5 minutes were eternal infernal pain I. I don't recomend it.

boo said...

hey... well done... for missing most of your xmas party... with a brilliant excuse... nice... work!...

With all that water... under california... might be better... that on top!...