Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Got your Paper Right Here!


I’m running out of repertory as the year ends, plus there’s nothing much to say but life is boring this time of year, so boring I had to look for some action out of my house.

Friday night boyfriend and I went to the Public Ministry to cancel the search for the stolen car my boyfriend recovered 3 months ago.

To make this long story short, I had a nice fight with the baboon sitting in front desk attending the cases and also his master the ministerial police and didn’t resolve anything at the end because I was missing the temporary tag of the stolen vehicle because that would proof the car is my boyfriend’s car when I actually had the original documents together that proved the recovery of the stolen vehicle; to this day I don’t understand what he and other three people were talking about. After talking to a few other people going through the same deal as me they told me that the other paper I was missing was a green bill with the picture of Andrew Jackson.

You see, in my country corruption and bureaucracy go by hand so if a procedure should take a day or two to resolve in my country would probably take around 3 months or more because it needs 3 boxes of pens for signatures and 10 trees of paperwork to fill out and if you want to speed up the procedure to jump a few other signatures well you should show a little guy stamped in a bill called money.

I should have known better; next time if I need to do something and the baboon in front of me asks me for another paper I should simply take my wallet out and show him the paper he needs, that way I will avoid me some colon irritation and stomach pain plus a heavy pain in my back I haven’t been able to heal since Friday night.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


evilsciencechick said...

Hmmm...wonder if that would work here?

Probably need more than that, though.

Good luck with your paperwork!

Inanna said...

Okay, that blows!!! Sorry for your stomach irritation but you made me laugh!!!

Yoli said...

That's it, I quit, no more papers for me please :)

This is my healing site every time i get angry..at what ever thing that crosses my diameter...
Welcome to the egg yol!