Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas is Almost Here!

Speaking of Christmas…

There’s this radio station I’m listening to every morning and afternoon and apparently they think everybody who listens to them are “Christmas lovers” so they decided to put 1 or 2 Christmas songs between every regular pop rock song they have in the play list and this has happened after Thanksgiving holiday.

I absolutely dislike Christmas songs or anything related to Christmas, excuse the language but I think it's stupid, discriminative, elitist and dishonest (No I am not a Jehovah’s Witness or an atheist, I am a Catholic by name not by practice). For example; I was listening the other day the song of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”…WTF! This song is one of the most, discriminating, elitist songs ever written in the history of classic Christmas songs; just because Rudolph is different does it deserve to be called out names, left aside and excluded from playing with the other reindeers because he had a very big shiny nose that glowed? Oh but because big good ole Santa Claus called him to lead his slay everybody in Toy Land loved Rudolph and became so popular that now everybody wanted to be with him.

What the hell is wrong with you people making up negative, influential songs in Christmas time? I spit at society standards (pardon my language).

I can completely relate to Rudolph as well as all the obese, ugly people and “human freaks” around the globe relate to it. I was an obese little girl and I used to be called out names; I was always left aside when playing games and absolutely nobody wanted to play with me because I was fat and ugly; even the teachers never did liked me and always gave me reasons to put a bad grade on my tests and home works. One day, the school wanted to gather many kids with musical talents to play in a band and of course I loved music and I wanted to join in; kids didn’t want me to be there because they said I looked ridiculous with an instrument on my belly “Whatcha gonna get, a big trombone to match your big fatness?” They said. I didn’t pay attention to them so I joined the band; after a few weeks I was on top of all those kids with the highest grade, my music teacher, who was the school principal at that time, saw that and he asked me to lead the band and help the rest of the kids who were getting behind with music lessons. I became the teacher’s pet, so that meant what ever I suggested to my teacher I would consider it done; I was popular between the masses. So guess how that ended; yes, everybody loved me and wanted to sit with me in class and wanted me to go to their birthday parties.

Up to this date, it keeps happening, they see this chubby girl who’s looking for a job, look at me up and down and after that they take a look at my resume, see I’m always the big head’s pet and of course I must be hired.

So you see? If Santa didn’t call Rudolph out to be the leader, and I wouldn’t have been called by the School principal to lead the music band Rudolph and I would be homeless, or alcoholic, or ended up in a mental hospital from all the psychological damage, or even worst, we would be found dead from suicide.

Conclusion: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is a bad influence for kids. If I were a parent I would listen the hidden message in every song before playing it to my children.

And yes I am very green right now!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Pup said...

You go on girl..

Yea, I've always hated that Rudolph song. I think Rudolph shoulda went back in there and empty a clip on those snooty laughing reindeer asses.

You like that cap in yo ass you Prancer beotch?!

Did you end up playing the trombone? Cause that would be totally awesome (that's what I played!)

Yoli said...

Pupcicle: I thought I was going to get my ass kicked for saying all this stuff.
LOl I shoul've used those phrases and put some people into shape.
I played the flute, the organ and the clarinette. I don't think I would have looked good with a trombone, I would have laughed at myself though LOL.

Prestbury said...

I've always liked that song - but I've never listened to the words past "...shiny nose"! Maybe I should listen more closely next time I hear it. It'll be pretty soon I suppose.

Jenn said...

Yoli girl I played the clairnet too! I never really gave much thought to the song until now, and your right you know!

Sloth said...

dan on surgical strikes said something very similar to this about the rudolph song. it's such a dumb song.

Yoli said...

I never did like the clarinette but I really had no choice, it was either that or the sax.

Sloth, thank you dear for bringing the word "dumb"...I was afraid to use it. :)