Thursday, December 02, 2004

1 Potato, 2 Potatoes, 3 Potatoes, 4!

This is eternal torture…

Thursdays are the worst ever, is the longest day of my life, it’s been 2 hours exactly since I checked in for work and I feel as if I already stayed here for half a day, so I’ve been singing a typical childrens song of the “Elephant standing on the web” that is something like the song of the “Trizillion bottles of beer on the wall”.

Good thing we have heater now, we’ve been technically freezing our butts off for the last two weeks because the heater system was not working, so this is suppose to be the problem of maintenance people and they should solve it right away right? Well actually no, they were actually betting to see which department would survive the freezing cold of the air conditioning at 50ºF excluding the General Management area of course and I was not going to be the one standing the freezing cold. I had to stand up, but then I went back to my chair because my knee bones were numb, of course, from the freezing cold. It came to the point that I had cramps on my hands (where have you ever hear that before?) every 10 minutes; I could not type, I could not move my fingers to do anything and, I could not even pick my own nose and that is not fair. Of course that would be a great excuse to not work but hell did I had tons of work to do so that was really delaying myself and forcing me to stay over time, which I did on Tuesday because I could not have my work done on time because my fingers were more like frozen fish sticks.

Then it occurred to me, wear my leather gloves and that way I can finish up what I have to do, but that didn’t work either, if I wanted to type a 1 in the computer, the 4 and the 7 and maybe the 5 would join it; I got angry.

I made a mini campaign inside our department to stand up and rebel against the freezing air conditioning so I said to my co-worker “I cannot take it anymore, I’m going to due frozen and I can’t work anymore, can you?” He said “Yes of course” (of course it was not true, he was turning blue although he was wearing this heavy snow jacket over him that made him look like the Michelin Guy). “I don’t believe you, you’re shaking” I said, “we must do something about this inhumane treatment towards us the Homo-Sapiens!” I am not an animal, I am John Merrick!”

Eek…wrong story. Ahem!

So After all that back and forth of “yes you’re freezing, admit it…no I’m not” finally we decided he should send the email requesting to turn off the air conditioning. Of course after a day of crying and pleading we now have heater, which was turn off just a few minutes ago which means my fingers are getting numb again.


Freezing Thursday Everyone!


Pup said...

Viva La Yoli!!!

You go and start that revolution for heat!

You'd like it in my office, it's a constant 85 due to none of the girls here have any body fat.

I put in the suggestion box that instead of firing anyone, cut the tempt. down 15 degrees, that's enough to pay for someone's salary..

Here's warm thoughts for ya!

Yoli said...

85 degrees is too hot, that's to hatch chicken eggs man!...I would be happy if we just cut out the AC for the entire winter, everybody would be happy.

Vadergrrrl said...

Hola mi amor.

Feliz Friday! lol

Thanks for your continued support. It means so much to me.

Happy Holidaze.


Jenn said...

If all else fails just start burning files they will get the hint that your cold once you tell them well I did finish that work, but I had to burn it to keep from freezing to death!

Yoli said...

Sounds like a great idea Jenn :)
But don't you think I would create a mayor fire...than I would get fired...that can't be no no.

VG girl!!
I miss you too, keep up the good work out there :)