Friday, December 17, 2004

The Last Friday Quickie!

Of the year, don't get all excited...

I'm off and out of here for three reasons:

1.- Everybody is gone for vacations

2.- I have nothing to post because everybody has gone for vacations.

3.- I am off for vacations

Yes I'm taking a week and a half off not because I want to, but because Nutter Industries makes me to; if I had a choice I would stand infront of the company with a big sign saying "I work for a living, if I don't work I die of starvation". But that would mean my resignation letter right there and really I have no choice right now but to take the week off.

So I'm going to squeeze the best out of that week and a half and do what I love best....

I still don't know what I love best, but I'll find out during that whole week and a half off, I mean, I have a lot of time off to think, and reminize, and think about it over the pillow, and under my blankets aswell because is too damn cold to be laying in bed just with my pink flannel pijamas with sleeping sheeps.

I'm not a christmas person so I'll just wish you all a nice holiday and hope you have good luck with all the gifts you're getting.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Got your Paper Right Here!


I’m running out of repertory as the year ends, plus there’s nothing much to say but life is boring this time of year, so boring I had to look for some action out of my house.

Friday night boyfriend and I went to the Public Ministry to cancel the search for the stolen car my boyfriend recovered 3 months ago.

To make this long story short, I had a nice fight with the baboon sitting in front desk attending the cases and also his master the ministerial police and didn’t resolve anything at the end because I was missing the temporary tag of the stolen vehicle because that would proof the car is my boyfriend’s car when I actually had the original documents together that proved the recovery of the stolen vehicle; to this day I don’t understand what he and other three people were talking about. After talking to a few other people going through the same deal as me they told me that the other paper I was missing was a green bill with the picture of Andrew Jackson.

You see, in my country corruption and bureaucracy go by hand so if a procedure should take a day or two to resolve in my country would probably take around 3 months or more because it needs 3 boxes of pens for signatures and 10 trees of paperwork to fill out and if you want to speed up the procedure to jump a few other signatures well you should show a little guy stamped in a bill called money.

I should have known better; next time if I need to do something and the baboon in front of me asks me for another paper I should simply take my wallet out and show him the paper he needs, that way I will avoid me some colon irritation and stomach pain plus a heavy pain in my back I haven’t been able to heal since Friday night.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday the Quickie!

Now this I would give my children to listen…

I heard this “Christmas song” in the same radio station this morning (I know I should be changing it by now but I’m lazy alright?); I was about to crash when I paid attention to the lyrics. It really cracked me up, so I’ll just pass it along for you to enjoy and if you can find it in the net to listen to, I highly recommend it.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Words and music by John Rox (1950) ~ Sung by Gayla Peevey (1953)

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
Don't want a doll, no dinky Tinker Toy
I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
I don't think Santa Claus will mind, do you?
He won't have to use our dirty chimney flue
Just bring him through the front door,
that's the easy thing to do

I can see me now on Christmas morning,
creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy and what surprise
when I open up my eyes
to see a hippo hero standing there

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
No crocodiles, no rhinoceroses
I only like hippopotamuses
And hippopotamuses like me too

Mom says the hippo would eat me up,
but then Teacher says a hippo is a
There's lots of room for him in our two-car garage
I'd feed him there and wash him there
and give him his massage

I can see me now on Christmas morning,
creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy and what surprise
when I open up my eyes
to see a hippo hero standing there

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
No crocodiles or rhinoceroses
I only like hippopotamuses
And hippopotamuses like me too!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas is Almost Here!

Speaking of Christmas…

There’s this radio station I’m listening to every morning and afternoon and apparently they think everybody who listens to them are “Christmas lovers” so they decided to put 1 or 2 Christmas songs between every regular pop rock song they have in the play list and this has happened after Thanksgiving holiday.

I absolutely dislike Christmas songs or anything related to Christmas, excuse the language but I think it's stupid, discriminative, elitist and dishonest (No I am not a Jehovah’s Witness or an atheist, I am a Catholic by name not by practice). For example; I was listening the other day the song of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”…WTF! This song is one of the most, discriminating, elitist songs ever written in the history of classic Christmas songs; just because Rudolph is different does it deserve to be called out names, left aside and excluded from playing with the other reindeers because he had a very big shiny nose that glowed? Oh but because big good ole Santa Claus called him to lead his slay everybody in Toy Land loved Rudolph and became so popular that now everybody wanted to be with him.

What the hell is wrong with you people making up negative, influential songs in Christmas time? I spit at society standards (pardon my language).

I can completely relate to Rudolph as well as all the obese, ugly people and “human freaks” around the globe relate to it. I was an obese little girl and I used to be called out names; I was always left aside when playing games and absolutely nobody wanted to play with me because I was fat and ugly; even the teachers never did liked me and always gave me reasons to put a bad grade on my tests and home works. One day, the school wanted to gather many kids with musical talents to play in a band and of course I loved music and I wanted to join in; kids didn’t want me to be there because they said I looked ridiculous with an instrument on my belly “Whatcha gonna get, a big trombone to match your big fatness?” They said. I didn’t pay attention to them so I joined the band; after a few weeks I was on top of all those kids with the highest grade, my music teacher, who was the school principal at that time, saw that and he asked me to lead the band and help the rest of the kids who were getting behind with music lessons. I became the teacher’s pet, so that meant what ever I suggested to my teacher I would consider it done; I was popular between the masses. So guess how that ended; yes, everybody loved me and wanted to sit with me in class and wanted me to go to their birthday parties.

Up to this date, it keeps happening, they see this chubby girl who’s looking for a job, look at me up and down and after that they take a look at my resume, see I’m always the big head’s pet and of course I must be hired.

So you see? If Santa didn’t call Rudolph out to be the leader, and I wouldn’t have been called by the School principal to lead the music band Rudolph and I would be homeless, or alcoholic, or ended up in a mental hospital from all the psychological damage, or even worst, we would be found dead from suicide.

Conclusion: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is a bad influence for kids. If I were a parent I would listen the hidden message in every song before playing it to my children.

And yes I am very green right now!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Monday, December 06, 2004

A New Day, A New Month!

Ah Crap…

Sorry about that, I just haven’t have the time to grouch myself over here. I’ve been busy, again, this is not new I know but hey, at least I’m doing something productive…for my company not for me.

Friday was our Christmas dinner at Nutter Industries. It was…I don’t know, I went there and after 5 minutes I had to leave, why? Because we spent almost an hour trying to find that dinner place which was well hidden between a big Motel and a big crossing bridge, I was not wearing my glasses and in the night all I can see are just little sparks of light around me, so there, I’m guilty for not wearing contacts. What ever!.

When we got to the party it was already 10 pm, boyfriend and I were starving and dinner would start at 9ish, so we thought we could still make it for the dinner, but we were wrong. Despite that, I am an anti social freak so I don’t get along with anybody but myself, and my boyfriend so if we were going to seat somewhere or with someone, it would be with someone at least we know so the situation wouldn’t feel so tense. My department people were sitting in one table, and the table was crowded, there was no room but only one seat available because this big ass fat-so-called Process Engineer and Master Degree in other crap was sitting in our formerly saved seat for me and b/f and there was no way I was going to seat my boyfriend in a corner near some dorks I don’t know. Anyhoo, we saw one seat and so we said, let’s go, we’re hungry and dinner is way passed. So we left, without saying goodbye. I’m a genius.

And there it went my big Christmas party, with an hour of wasted time and 5 minutes of feeling beautiful and hungry. What ever!

Did I mention I took the King Size wannabe comforter back? Oh yes, and I got my money back and with that money I bought Bath and body works creams and other thingies worth more than the king size wannabe comforter, so now I’m broke but a good smelling one, boyfriend can’t complain about that.

Did I mention again it rained…again? Well yes, It seems the dirt mountains and rock made roads are getting deeper and deeper, I think the San Andrea fault is crossing right where I’m crossing to go to work.

If I don’t come back, look for me in the underground.

California is sinking I tell ya!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

1 Potato, 2 Potatoes, 3 Potatoes, 4!

This is eternal torture…

Thursdays are the worst ever, is the longest day of my life, it’s been 2 hours exactly since I checked in for work and I feel as if I already stayed here for half a day, so I’ve been singing a typical childrens song of the “Elephant standing on the web” that is something like the song of the “Trizillion bottles of beer on the wall”.

Good thing we have heater now, we’ve been technically freezing our butts off for the last two weeks because the heater system was not working, so this is suppose to be the problem of maintenance people and they should solve it right away right? Well actually no, they were actually betting to see which department would survive the freezing cold of the air conditioning at 50ºF excluding the General Management area of course and I was not going to be the one standing the freezing cold. I had to stand up, but then I went back to my chair because my knee bones were numb, of course, from the freezing cold. It came to the point that I had cramps on my hands (where have you ever hear that before?) every 10 minutes; I could not type, I could not move my fingers to do anything and, I could not even pick my own nose and that is not fair. Of course that would be a great excuse to not work but hell did I had tons of work to do so that was really delaying myself and forcing me to stay over time, which I did on Tuesday because I could not have my work done on time because my fingers were more like frozen fish sticks.

Then it occurred to me, wear my leather gloves and that way I can finish up what I have to do, but that didn’t work either, if I wanted to type a 1 in the computer, the 4 and the 7 and maybe the 5 would join it; I got angry.

I made a mini campaign inside our department to stand up and rebel against the freezing air conditioning so I said to my co-worker “I cannot take it anymore, I’m going to due frozen and I can’t work anymore, can you?” He said “Yes of course” (of course it was not true, he was turning blue although he was wearing this heavy snow jacket over him that made him look like the Michelin Guy). “I don’t believe you, you’re shaking” I said, “we must do something about this inhumane treatment towards us the Homo-Sapiens!” I am not an animal, I am John Merrick!”

Eek…wrong story. Ahem!

So After all that back and forth of “yes you’re freezing, admit it…no I’m not” finally we decided he should send the email requesting to turn off the air conditioning. Of course after a day of crying and pleading we now have heater, which was turn off just a few minutes ago which means my fingers are getting numb again.


Freezing Thursday Everyone!