Monday, November 08, 2004


I don’t know…

Friday afternoon, I am walking up to my boss’s office to tell him I’m working on Saturday to pay him back one of the two days I was off for the flu:

Me: Mr. Nutter Boss, I’m going to come tomorrow to pay you last Wednesday when I was sick.

Mr. Nutter Boss: And what are you going to do or what or what or what?

Me: I’m catching up on some pendings, I have and some delayed work and I’m going to work on the reports from this morning.

Mr. Nutter Boss: (Turns around on his chair and looks at the ceiling)

Me: Waiting for his answer

Mr. Nutter Boss: Still staring at the ceiling

Me: Still waiting…

Mr. Nutter Boss: Turns to look at me, then the ceiling

Me: Still waiting…

Mr. Nutter Boss: Makes a move as if he wants to tell me something, then looks at the ceiling

Me: I’m getting tired of still waiting…

5 Minutes later my boss kept looking at the ceiling:

Mr. Nutter Boss: Hmmm…No, don’t come tomorrow, keep owing me those days in case I really need you to stay for something important.

Inner Me: Nooooooooooo

Me: Are you sure Sir?

Mr. Nutter Boss: Yes, so let’s wait until that time comes.

Me: Ok

Inner Me: God dammit! I’m going to have to go to the Christmas party…!

In other news:

We’re having more rain, more mud, more holes, more cars without shocks and tires are running out of rubber. The end of the world is coming; California is going to sink inside the Ocean!

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Happy Monday Everyone!


evilsciencechick said...

dammit! what an ass.

buy snorkle and some flippers in case you do sink :)

Pup said...

Oh.. you owe him... That sounds kinda mobish..

Do don't work for the mob do you?

Careful when they call in their favors.

Joel said...

Back from vacation. I'll be reading your posts shortly.

boo said...

yikes... nothing like... the boss having one over you... let's hope he uses that day soon!...

Joel said...

I'm so glad I'm a temp.

Yoli said...

I'm thiking of moving to Canada. All of a sudden it became so popular over there. :P

I wished I could, anything better than being in debt with my boss. believe me.

You're so lucky man!

I just hope he forgets about it completely so I don't have to owe him anything you know so let's hope it doesn't happen anytime soon. :)