Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I’ll pick what ever is there…

We’re having visitors today, around 10 old men, 3 of them are wearing wings the old dusty rug kind of wigs (can I pass a vacuum over their heads please?) another 2 are bald, pool balls bald (I just want to wax their little bald heads and see them squeaky clean), why did I notice? Well, it caught to my attention, with all this technology with hair implants and crap and these people are the owners of other companies who buy our product and they’re stinking rich, I am asking to myself, don’t they have any money to do something about it? I think they’re cheap.

What you looking at fool? Haven’t you seen a chick in a suit before?

I usually come to work in very casual clothes but never jeans. Today there’s something different, the owner of this company Mr. Nutter is here to take a look of what we have done to his plant with a bunch of the people I mentioned above. I am used to call up attention with there’s something big going in anywhere and I always like to dress up adequately in any event, is no big deal but still I’m wearing a suit. Now I’m pissed; whiny pants girl have been teasing me about the suit, “Uh you look son nice, where’s the party at”? (how sarcastic!) Stupid woman! You should know better, you’re not going to be well seeing if the boss looks at you with your extremely washed dockers and that hair…I know there’s air woman but there are these little things with lots of things stuck to it that’s called a brush?

I don’t understand what’s up with her that really annoys me, she’s weird and she thinks she’s the Queen of England with better class and education (my toosh!).

On another note:

I’m being a good neighbor, our neighbors from the North are having a big day today and I’m supporting what ever is best for their country, not only because I want to be a good neighbor but also because it will affect our country later on as well as other countries who are affiliated with the US. Now I don’t know about the red and blue areas but being an outsider and being able to see what’s going on behind the big metal fence that is dividing us I have a very good view of what is going on over there; I just hope my neighbors make a very good choice. I already have my favorite candidate and I hope he wins.

Good Luck America!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Tricia said...

Hi yoyo

Vadergrrrl said...

We LOVE you sweetie.


Yoli said...

Hi Tricia!!! :P

Vader, I love you too :)

Joel said...

What do you think about our election system?

Yoli said...

I think you should have more choices to pick than just two.