Monday, November 15, 2004

The Problems of Being Retired!

And old…

I really can’t believe how my mom can handle my dad so smoothly; I would be in the nut house by now if I were still living with my parents, especially with dad; I mean, dad is the kind of man who measures everything, I mean, .E.V.E.RY.T.H.I.N.G. My dad had this issue with the bed that could not bare to see because the bed skirt was not even with the floor because the bed was too short, so he put blocks of wood to make the bed higher, and it did work but my dad forgot to put the bed skirt back to its place, so he asked me if I could help him and so I did.

My dad saw the bed was not exactly even with the wall also and he asked me to push the bed a little bit, but as I did that the bed fell down from the blocks of wood my dad placed underneath the wheels of the bed…oops!

Dad: Oh! Look at that, it took me long time to put those in there

Me: Sorry dad, I thought you took out the wheels before you put the blocks in there, you should have told me. I’ll help you put them back.

Dad: Ok, but we’ll have the pick up the bed

What the hell is inside that bed that makes it so damn heavy? Does it have rocks inside or a dead guy in there? It is the heaviest bed you can ever imagine and is a king size bed; anyway we managed to take out the mattress and the bases. My dad loves to fix everything with either duck tape or scotch tape or anything that looks like a tape will do and he has big rolls of duck tape around the house because he uses a lot of it. So my dad had this great idea of taping the wheels with the wood together and he brought his big roll of duck tape. To make that part short, he finished the roll of duck tape not to mention it was a brand new roll, but he did join the wheels with the blocks though.

Now that was not the “big deal”, the big deal came when we were going to put the blankets over the mattress.

Dad: Ok, now see if this side of the blanket is even with the other side of the blanket sweetie.

Me: It’s even dad.

Dad: Are you sure? Cause later in the night your mom has more blanket than I have

Me: Ok, let me see (I go around the bed to see if the blankets are distributed evenly) They’re even dad.

Dad: Oh look, there’s too much blanket on the top and very little at the end; honey, can you come here a minute? (mom walks inside)

Mom: Yes dear?

Dad: what do you think? Should we leave the blankets like this or should we pull them down, but not too much because then we’ll have a huge bump under the mattress and you know how I am.

Mom: I think we should leave it that way; it looks ok to me.

Dad: Are you sure? ‘Cause then we pull the blankets and we leave our feet in the air and it’s cold at night.

Mom: Well then, we should pull them down if you think we should.

Dad: Yeah we should.

And the circus begins…

Dad: Now don’t pull too much or you won’t leave us enough blankets to cover the shoulders

Mom: Alright…is this ok?

Dad: Yeah but you pulled too much on the other side, now we’ll have to make it even and I think is too much, let’s see. (Dad goes around and practically measures the blanket to see how much mom pulled) You see? You pulled too much, I’ll pull it back (he pulls back)

Mom: Honey, the blankets are all wrinkled now you see?

Dad: We’ll get on that later, are the blankets even on the sides? Sweetie can you take a look and see if they’re even?

Me: Ok dad, (I go around the bed) It’s fine dad.

Dad: Are you sure?

Me: Yes dad, I’m sure

10 minutes later after leaving the blanket perfectly in place…

Dad: Now hand me the comforter sweetie please.

Mom: No, not like that, remember you we put it that way so the comforter didn’t fall on the floor? Put it the other way around now that the bed is tall.

Dad: Sweetie, can you check if the comforter is even on both sides?

Me: Yeah dad, is good.

Dad: Now can you check if the comforter is covering the blankets and the covers and is even with the bed skirt? We don’t want the blankets to show. Oh and also check if the bed skirt is on the floor, we don’t want the wheels to show either.

Me: (goes around and around and around the bed) Well the bed skirt is falling a little bit on the floor in this side but is not too much.

Dad: How much? About how many inches?

Me: I don’t know, 1/16 I guess?

Dad: We’ll have to pull the bed skirt from underneath the mattress to make it even.

Inner Me: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

That kept for around 30 minutes or so but you can get the idea of how my parents are regarding things, what ever. That shows, my dad doesn’t have much to do but to measure “things” and fix things with tape.

Though I would never change my parents for any other parents, they entertain me quite a lot.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Wendy said...

Oh yes, I would've totally lost it! You are a way better daughter than me, I know I would've been yelling, "Just deal with it, Dad!"

Yoli said...

Oh you cannot imagine how much I wanted to tell them "Ok, I'm going home, when you're done with this bed call me"

evilsciencechick said...

oh wow...I would have lost it!

you are a good daughter.

Fresc~ said...

WOW! Yeah, I would have snapped, for sure! OCD is a horrible thing, I'm pretty sure I'm borderline myself because I DEFINITELY have some of those tendencies. Fortunatately for me, I'm also incredibly lazy so after a while, I just tired of dealing and sit down.

Glad you aren't the 'meat-clever' the parents-type, there would have been massive carnage in my house.

Cheers and happy blogging!~

CountChocula said...

Wow! I would have snapped. I would swear my mattress was made of rocks when I have to flip it or put a new bedskirt on.


Tricia said...

OMG! You are so funny Yoli!

I was cracking up at work reading about the wrinkled-never mind that-are the sheets even.heeheehee

Happy Tuesday to you!

Yoli said...

Lets all snap and dance the macarena yey~!

While my parents were measuring the bed and the sheets and the entire house I was laughing thinking on how was I going to write the post. ha!

boo said...

you certainly are... a great daugther... i would have been bouncing on the bed... pulling covers... making a mess... though i am sure... if i make it to their age... i'll be spending... a whole day... making sure things are even...