Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Nightmare on 50% Off Street!

I’m not kidding…

How beautiful to spend your money on something you know it was a great deal and a bargain; the best quality at the lowest price ever at the best of the best of department stores. I’m not talking about good will, I’m not talking about the Salvation army store and I’m definitely not talking about a flea market. I’m talking about a good Department store. I wanted to buy a new comforter for the winter and I kept looking and searching for one that me and my boyfriend would like, it took me around 30 minutes to search for a King Size comforter, cause there weren’t any, all of them where twin size and full size; suddenly I turn around and there it was this beauuutiful Persian style comforter 50% Off it’s original price, and it was the only color, only size, and it was going to be mine, all mine, just for me; so I didn’t thought about it twice, I just grabbed it and took it home with me along with other great deals. I was the happiest woman on earth to be that lucky.

I get home; I unwrap my comforter and take it all out to put it on my bed. I take one pillow case and I take the comforter out, and where’s the other pillow case if there’s supposed to be 2 pillow cases in a king size comforter. I checked the plastic bag; I check inside the comforter, I check inside the pillow case, maybe they putted in there. My boyfriend is looking at my hysterical face while I’m shouting, “Where’s the other pillow case dammit!” By then, I wanted to cry. I take a look at the pillow case like asking it “Where did you leave your little brother huh? Did I drop it? Why didn’t you tell me, where is it dammit?” So while interrogating the pillow case about it’s mate, I see this pillow case is not the size of a king size pillow case, it actually looks smaller, like a full size pillow case.

I check the comforter bag and it says King Size, that can’t be wrong then, it says King Size right there, so why is there a full size pillow case inside a King Size bag? Is someone trying to play a joke on me? This isn’t funny!

By this time my boyfriend is worried because I’m about to kill the pillow case for being a liar to me, so he calms me down; “Don’t worry”, he says, “We’ll keep the comforter and you just take the pillow cases back for exchange”. It’s not easy, is not like you’re going to take a pair of pants for exchange because they were short and you’re getting a larger size; No, it was a discounted comforter and they must be all gone by now.

With doubts on my mind I put the comforter on top of my bed and “Aha!” I exclaim, “This is not a King size comforter, this is a full size comforter, look at it, it barely covers the mattress, I know I’m not crazy” I’ve been tricked, played by a fool making me think if they put this comforter on a king size bag I will believe is a King size?

I don’t know if I should sue this department store for playing tricks on me or should I get my money back, because I don’t want any other comforter in exchange, that was the one I wanted, we were meant to be together, they played with my feelings you know.

So now I have to drive all the way back to that store, which is not near by, first it’s across the border, so I should go to the US, which means a 45 minute waiting in line, then answer a bunch of questions from the US inspector of where am I going and why am I going to the US and for how long am I staying in there and all that crap. Hey, is not like I’m going to kill anybody or put a bomb in there man, I’m just going to get this freaking King Size wannabe comforter back and take my money out of your country and back to my pocket. Then I should wait for someone to give me my money back and then come back. What a freaking waste of time.

I’m suing this store!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Jenn said...

Oh there is nothing that makes me madder than paying for something I didn't get. I would be so upset to you go girl and sue that damn store for mental anguish!

boo said...

It's Mercury in retrograde... my friend!!!!.... it has started... and it will be that way till 20th Dec... so... things will be delayed... things will be lost... the stores... won't have the gifts you want... basically a pain in the arse... christmas shopping experience... good luck!!!...

Yoli said...

Jenn, I'll sue this place in my dreams, that sucks, I'm not a us citizen so that gives me crap of authority blah! I'll just ask for my money back in a very abnoxious way...yeah

boo, why didn't I know that before I went shopping for my comforter, hm, that sucks too.