Friday, November 12, 2004

It’s Quick, ‘cause it’s Friday!

Dedicated to Tricia…

It’s Friday, I’m so happy I could kiss my boss right now and give him a quickie but I won’t, he would die on me and also that’s too gross; plus someone would accuse me of murdering an old man and I could get into trouble. Everybody would think I did it because I wanted him to pay me the Christmas days off I’m involuntarily having but as he refused I had to please him with some hard core dirty hurtful sex when he died of a heart attack because he forgot to take his medication when he went upstairs for a coffee when he found the receptionist bending over to pick up the little red straws to stir the coffee and he just kept looking at her big round tight buns in those tight jeans when he found out he spilled the boiling coffee over his crotch and had a 1st degree burn, he had to run downstairs to H.R. to get some anti burn ointment for his wee wee, he then went to the mens room to rub the ointment but he found the mens room was closed for repair so he had to run all the way down to his office, he was in such a hurry he forgot to turn on the lights and lock the door, so when he pulled his pants down and was rubbing the ointment in his wee wee I walked into his office ‘cause I didn’t know my boss was there, so I heard this weird moaning sound, I turned on the lights and see the most disgusting thing ever and so I yelled “Oh my goodness, not only you don’t want to pay me for the days off but you’re also a pervert bastard!”. As I said that, the maintenance supervisor saw the whole scene from the window and called the Police, he accused me of murdering my boss by burning him and causing him a heart attack.

So you see? That’s why I’m not giving him any quickies, besides, there are a bunch of windows with no shades in this building and a bunch of little cameras looking at me funny.

If I sounded confusing that’s just you trying to make me think I’m confusing.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Monkey said...

Hilarious post today! :-)

Pup said...

Ha! That's a funny post.

So cameras at work huh? Oh.. that would make me so paranoid..

Yoli said...

Thanks Monkey I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I have 3 doors, 8 windows and two caomeras looking at me funny. But I'm used to freaking out every minute now hehe.