Thursday, November 11, 2004

I'm Beeeezeeee!

Beezee like a Beezee Bee....

This is horrendous, or how ever you spell that, is horrible I tell ya! I haven't have the time for anything. It's been crazy. My eyes are twisted I can't see well, I've been in the computer 10 hours straight and don't get any rest.

I think my butt is flat as a piece of wood.

Anyway, I just stopped by to check how the business is going on around here, this is like a Friday quickie but it really isn't so don't get all fuzzy and excited about it, we're still one more day till the weekend comes. (God I can hardly wait..wait a minute I just said God...twice...Agh! I need a vacation)

Speaking of vacations, the "Christmas Vacation Survey" dropped into my hands yesterday morning and believe me it was a ridiculous survey and it went something like this:

"This is a survey so we can have a better understanding of your needs for survival, you must only choose one of the following options.

You're standing in the midle of a railroad crossing over a very tight bridge and you're about to get hit by a train, what would you choose?

A. Get away from the rail road crossing and jump off the dry river bridge which is completely dry with no water.

B. Get away from the rail road crossing by running as fast as you can then jump off the dry river bridge which is completely dry with no water.

C. Other options? Please explain in Details:_______________

Disclaimer: Calling 911 on your cell phone is not an option, the reception there is very bad, the train conductor is deaf and also blind so there's no way you can make him stop at 300 mph. You may grow wings but this ain't heaven you know."

So this means yes, we're having a holiday Shut down and No, we're not getting paid for those days off.

Thank you.

Happy Thursday Everyone.


Tricia said...


Yay for me!
whooo hooo
*dances around in front of computer*
Goody for me!
La La La

Your butt is flat as a piece of wood? heeheehee

I'm beezee too.
Too much work... I REALLY need my Friday quickie!
Come on hurry friday!

Jamie said...

What a way to break the news. Oh, and hang off the bridge till it passes, or lay down in the middle of the tracks, making your body as flat as your butt!

Give them this answer,and see if you don't get a raise. Ok, well, maybe not...

Yoli said...

I would stand up and dance with you the dance of rain but my flat ass won't let me. I'll give the Friday Quickie as soon as I get one.

I would but my big boobs won't let me. Someone should cut a piece of my boobs and stick it to my ass, that would compensate the Yol!.

Avuncular 1 said...

Hola Yoli. I am sure your butt is perfectly fine. Somethings on my body I wish were my belly. Oh, wait, um it is...sort of. Shutup.

Vadergrrrl said...

hola mi amor.

happy friday tambien