Monday, November 01, 2004

Flu Hangover!

Oh what a weekend…

I’m back, and I’m happy, happy I can go out and see the sunshine, happy I can smell the fresh polluted air from all the buses that go around without a smog check, happy that I can now get back to work on my delayed to do list that has increased now to the size of a big letter to santa….(eesssh)

This ain’t pretty no more. Not have I only stayed in bed for 5 days because of this flu but now I have to figure out a way to pay the 3 days I was off from work because of this flu. The new Biatch H.R. Manager wants to implement a new checking system for all the administration personnel in here including supervisors and managers in the plant, and everybody is refusing to do such horrible thing, that means we will have to check when we’re out to get out breakfast, or when we’re going to the bank and do a payment, or when we are off from work because of sickness which means if we are not checking our ins and outs it means “No Pay”.

I’m angry.

But I have no time to whine right now; I have tons of things to do today and the rest of the week besides getting angry at everybody. By the way, I want my Halloween candy; hope the girls saved my candy somewhere.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Monkey said...

Welcome back!!!
I'm sorry you were feeling so poorly! :-(
When will H.R. depts. learn that when you start treating employees like children - they WILL start acting like children!!!? That burns me up too!
I used to work a LOT of hours in my previous telecom job - MANY hours a day - the company was bought out and the new management started watching what time we came to work very closely - (They never cared what time we LEFT mind you - or never cared that we'd left the day before around MIDNIGHT working on projects!) - from then on out I started coming in on time - and LEAVING on time too - 8 hours - they got nothing more from me - ever)
Great to have you back!

Vadergrrrl said...

Happy Monday. We missed you.

so glad your back.

Prestbury said...

Hi! Sorry to hear you've been ill. I've been ill too but I'm almost getting better.

Jamie said...

The lists do pile up when your sick...

I know the crap HR can pull. Where I work, the nuns used to not care about the clock in/out crap, and people were honest. They got away with not having to pay a ton of overtime for the few minutes many of us stay, and in exchange, we would get to leave a few minutes early on other days if we had nothing to report to the oncoming crew.

but nowwwwww....STOOPID HEADS!

Yoli said...

Monkey, Jamie:
IF we are being responsible at our work stations and doing our jobs properly why should we be restricted for something we haven't even done..I don't get it.

Death to the H.R. Witch!

Thanks and hope you're feeling alot better now :)