Monday, November 22, 2004

Crappy Monday!

Yeah I stepped with the wrong foot today...

Ok, there was no friday quickie because I had a day off on Friday due to our Revolution Day Holiday so I didn't come to work and I spent most of the weekend at home.

But seems that all that rest didn't do any good to me this morning starting with my hair. I look like I belong to a family of lions because it's fluffy as hell and the weather is not dry at all. We have rain...again...oh yes believe it or not. California is sinking under the ocean i know it!

Then, this morning right before I started all my daily reports I needed to charge my stapler and I cut my midle I don't know, all I know is lucky I didn't chop my finger in half along with my nail, I can't write very well because it hurts like hell and the cut is way down to the bone, I can see my own bone, isn't that cool? It would be if I didn't have the emergency to do these reports, I'm a lefty so this should be considered as a on the job accident and I should be sent home.

Anyhoo, as long as the building roof doens't fall over me or a rock hits my head or I don't slip on a banana peel I'm alright.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Monkey said...

Gosh what a TERRIBLE day you're having!
I'm so sorry!
I hope it gets better somehow!

And stop looking at that bone! :-)

toron said...

New one!

Wendy said...

Goodness Yoli, please tell me you made it through the day!?!

Yoli said...

Monkey, thank you for your nice wishes..My finger hurts worst than hell! Wish I could cut it and get over with the pain. Wanna see my bone?? ha ha,

Got it girl! I'll updste asap

Wendy girl, I made it, I made it!! But this morning I almost burned my hair with the blow drier...more on that later...after I finish with my finger...

Who wants to see my bone??

boo said...

Ah baby... a cut to the bone!... are you mad staying at work?... good grief... i would have fainted already!... you're one tough cookie...

Tricia said...

I thought you were going to give me my friday quickie early because of the holiday weekend!

Fine... I'm waiting!