Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cell Phones for the Elderly!

They should have parental authorization…

3 months ago I “cancelled” (stopped paying my cell phone bill because they wouldn’t let me cancel it) my cell phone contract; I kept the receiver and I heard this great deal with this other company that was offering to change your old phone from another company for a brand new phone with their company so I thought of giving it a try, the only problem is that I haven’t had the time to do so because the offices close at 6 pm and by the time I get there is already 6:15 so the old phone with the “cancelled” line is still sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be exchanged.

While I kept my promise of giving my dad that brand new phone, I guess my dad got tired of waiting for that to happen so he decided to buy his own cell phone yesterday. You might think, that the old cell phone will be then for myself as my parents have their own cell phone; well that’s not exactly how it goes, he still wants another phone. You see, my dad is a technology freak, so every new electronic little gadget that appears on the market he will dream of having it (he can’t buy them because his retirement money is not that much to buy everything he wants). About 5 years ago my dad bought two cell phones, one for my mom and another one for him; what was that for? So they could call each other if they needed something. My parents never spare apart, they go together everywhere, still, my dad wants the comfort of having two cell phones just in case one of them is missing somewhere.

One day I saw this entertaining scene:

Dad’s cell: Riing Riing!

Mom: Hello?

Dad: I was just checking if this cell phone is working alright.

Mom: Oh ok, where are you?

Dad: In the living room, how do I sound

Mom: You sound ok.

Dad: Good, whatcha doing?

Mom: Fixing breakfast

Dad: Whatcha fixing?

Mom: Scrambled eggs, toast and coffee

Dad: Sounds good, ok, I’ll hang up now.

30 mins later…

Dad’s cell: Riing Riiiing!

Mom: Hello?

Dad: I’m just checking again, can you hear me well?

Mom: Where are you?

Dad: I’m in the toilet, how do I sound?Mom: You sound ok

Dad: Whatcha doing?

Mom: Watching TV

Dad: What are you whatching? (Flluusshhhhh)

Mom: A soap opera

Dad: (Walks into the living room) is it good?

Mom: Yes, why don’t you join me?

Dad: (walks into the living room) Ok, I’ll hang up now.

30 minutes later….

Dad’s Cell: Riiiing Riiiing

Mom: Hello?

Dad: It’s me again. Can you call me? I want to know if this thing works alright.

Mom: Ok, but how do I work this thing

Dad: Ok let me go over there

Mom: Where are you?

Dad: I’m outside the house, how do I sound?

Mom: You sound ok to me

Dad: (walks inside the house, still with phone on hand and stands infront of mom) Ok, push this little red button you see on your right

Mom: Ok, (pushes the little red button)

Dad: Ok you just hung up on me, now call me

Mom’s cell: Riiinng Riiiiing

Dad: Hello?

Mom: Oooh! This is great! How do I sound?

Dad: (looking at mom) you sound great, see how easy this is?

Mom: Yes but you’ll have to walk me through it again when I need to.

Dad: Ok, I’m hanging up now.

Mom: Ok..bye.

Why can’t they just put two plastic cups and one big string and talk to each other like that, just like The Flintstones instead of wasting their money on the “How do I sound, I just want to check if this thing is working alright”

Parents, they’re just like kids when they get old

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Vadergrrrl said...

Drive by blogging to shoot you some love.

evilsciencechick said...


You're parents sound like so much fun! Mine have ONE cell phone between them, which spends most of it's time on the charger in the living room. Mom uses it to call me...and that's about it.

I use my cell phone every day, I am never without it. My cell phone is two and a half years old, the antenna has fallen off, and I had to get a new battery for it. I would like a new cell phone.

My mother says "why do you need a NEW one! Our is just as old as yours and it works fine!"

Because you USE IT ONCE A WEEK!!!!

grrrr...parents shouldn't be allowed near anything more technilogically advanced than a microwave.

boo said...

oh Yoli... your parents are brilliant... that was the funniest thing... i have read in weeks!... i love that... it reminded me of my mother... but ur parents... take the buscuit...

I wonder... if he started to go further down the road... and call her... at 20 yards intervals... great stuff... the wonders of technology huh?...

Prestbury said...

That was funy!I hope their phone doesn't have a camera on it too or there'll be photos from the loo next!

Yoli said...

Muchas gracias linda!

Ha, not even a microwave, sometimes I feel my mom is going to have the house explode one of these days.

Glad you enjoyed this post.

Welcome friend, long time no see :)
If they had a camera I cam imaigne my dad taking pictures of mom everywhere she's going.

Mulletman said...

Dude that is the funniest thing in the world! I was searching through the "next blog" feature here and found your page.

Yoli said...

thanks man! :)