Thursday, October 21, 2004

What if I say Yes!

I think it won’t be good…

Yesterday as I was reading Monkey’s blog I remembered something funny (well not that it is funny but it sounded funny) Last week my dad wanted me to search in the US Embassy the requirements to get a tourist visa so I went to take a look at what was needed; well besides all the papers we have to take there there’s a visa request form that needs to be filled out and we must attach a picture to it as well. Between all the 50 something questions the form has there was a strange section where it asks you very weird questions and in the instructions said that answering Yes did not mean a visa denial but it would require further investigation and questions with a Consular inspector.

These are a few weird questions I found:

Have you ever been detained or convicted for a felony although you have been pardoned, or have been conceded amnesty, or have you been an object of any other similar action? Have you ever distributed or sold controlled substances such as drugs illicitly or have you been a prostitute o have you been a pimp?

Have you tried to get inside the USA to practice export control infractions, terrorist activities or subversive, or any other illicit purpose? Are you a member or do you represent any terrorist organization as stated in the Secretary of the United States of America? Have you practiced prosecutions directed by the Nazi government of Germany or have you been involved in any act of homicide?

Have you ever avoided taxes while you resided in the USA?

Have you suffered from an important contagious decease that could be dangerous to public health, or do you suffer from a mental or physical disorder, have you ever used drugs or are you a drug addict?

Only someone such as a mentally disoriented person would answer yes to any of those questions even if that person really do something such as items 1, 2 or 3.

Ah I kill me!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Pup said...

Wow, I feel MUCH safer now living in the US. Guess those borders are secure now.

Who would ever lie on this questionnaire?

Yoli said...

Pup, all the freaks say no to what ever thing they ask them, so I am sure they say no although is a yes.

Vadergrrrl said...

The sad thing is, the let all those guys in anyway.

Ahhh America.

Te amo mi amiga

Yoli said...

Tambien te amo VG! :)

evilsciencechick said...

Reminds me of a form someone showed me a long time ago. It was the form you had to fill out in PA to purchase a gun. It had questions like: have you ever committed a criminal act? have you ever taken illegal drugs?


Tricia said...

They ask the same things when you join the Army... and if you answer yes they WILL kick you out.

I wonder what the salary was for the person who created this list?
Did they sit in a room and try to think of ways to catch 'bad guys'?
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

Hey did President Bush help them create this list?
I can hear him right now.
"You should just ask them if they are going to transport illegal drugs... then if they are stoned enough they will say yes".

Jenn said...

Yoli think of the fun we could have if they allowed you to answer more than just yes or no!

1. I have high hopes of one day becoming a drug dealing prostitute.

2. I kicked a puppy once, and I was very sorry after I had did it. I have never been to Germany, and I didn't know the Nazi's were still in power there, shouldn't we be doing something about that?

3. Taxes suck, but like death they are unavoidable.

4. I once forgot to take my medication and I thought Elvis was stalking me, it was just my dealer trying to give me my drugs. boy that was a relief.

Joel said...

Questionaires are done by committee. Some uptight extremist came up with the question and slept with the committee head to make sure they passed.

Yoli said...

LOL guys you just made my pee my pants! bbuaawahahahah!


dumber the guy who made the questions.

You're going to buy me new pants woman! THe answers are much funnier than the questions LMAO


I am really thinking you might be right hahaha

Monkey said...

The craziest question I've ever seen on a questionnaire was a question I saw once while I was in the US Navy - it said:
Are you allergic to any toxic chemicals? (Y/N)
I just refused to answer such an asinine question!
Have a great day!

toron said...

Hahahaha!!! That is so stupid! But Australia is the same. There was a question that stated something like this:

Are you marrying your fiance just to enter Australia?

I mean duh!!! If it was a marriage for convenience thing why would they say yes??? Hello???