Friday, October 15, 2004

This is a Friday Quickie!

And so we begin…

At my parents home last night:

Me: Baby we have to go now it’s already 9:30 pm

BF: Ok, let me just drink one glass of water and then we go.

Me: Oh leave that, you’ll drink the water at home, why bother?

(Big A. mistake)

Mom: You’re not going to give him the glass of water??!!!

Dad: Don’t be rude with your boyfriend and give him the glass of water!!.

BF: It’s ok, no problem, really.

Me: Mom, what’s the big fuzz about? Is just water.

Mom: No is not just water, is your attitude and your manners, and your future life; I never taught you to be like that, all women should take care of their men, because marriage…

And so the counseling began, and you really don’t want to know how it all ended after one and a half hours of preaching about how a woman should treat her husband so he doesn’t leave you for another woman who will take care of him better than you. Did I ever mention to them I had the intention of getting married?

Moral of the story:

If you’re at your parents home and your husband/boyfriend/partner/what ever asks you for a glass of water, just give it to him, it will avoid you a sleepless night.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Jenn said...

For some reason I just don't see you taking care of any man! I thought that is what they were for to take care of us damn it! I bet the BF loved that huh!

Yoli said...

The man was taken all the way to the top of the hill and I was sent all the way down to hell. I thought my parents supposed to back me up not him. Bleah! OH and yes, the BF loves it alright.

CountChocula said...

I remember a similar counsel with my Mother over a decade ago. That I shouldn't be so bossy. Cripes!


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Tricia said...

Home again
Home again
Jiggity Jig

Next time throw the water at him.... see what kind of counselling that gets you!

Pup said...

I'm a bit thirsty.. anyone got water?

Maybe it's me, but I feel wierd when people bring me stuff. I can get it. (that or maybe I like going through people's cabinets)

boo said...

gee... those boys... so demanding!...

Me said...

Thats called the complications of being involved with someone. Something which up until recently I was rather enjoying, sadly take one look at my blog an you will see it didn't work.

Hope all is well with you yoli.I am missing your comments on my site.

Come back to me sweety!

Wendy said...

I never understand what the hell parents are thinking when they back up the man over their own daughter..what the...?!? My mother used to do crap like that to me, too. I swear, I'll never treat Laura like that. Unless she's really wrong, and then I'll talk to her in private.

Jamie said...

Man, I was lucky. My parents aren't exactly womens libbers, but they believe in equality and respect. And the only thing worth getting for a man is a beer, at least while I am already getting in the fridge myself, otherwise he's bringing it to ME!

Joel said...


Yoli said...

That's what my mom told me, You should not be bossy, but you can be suggestives. Bleah!

Kristen Anderson,
Thank you and goodnight! hehe

You woman! You left me here all alone! I missed you. But I'm glad you're back. I don't think is a good idea to throw the water infront of mom and dad *sigh*

You're a snoop!

Demanding and lazy!

I'm sorry your relationship didn't work. I'm coming right at ya cutie! *wink wink*

You will be a great mom if you do that with your daughters. I just not nice to be picked at by your own parents infront of your partner, too embarassing.

You're lucky alright!