Friday, October 01, 2004

Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity Friday Quickie!

Took me years of practice to learn how to say that...

Yesterday afternoon out of my boredom as I didn't have any work work to do because my boss was out of the office I went "Googling" around, I wrote "Yoli" on the search bar and found twenty something pages about me. I discovered I have like 20 beauty parlors, 3 butcher shops, 2 coffee shops, I am a famous musician and actress, a famous athlete, I have like 10 porn web sites and at the very bottom was my weblog.

The Google search engine I have at work is in spanish so my weblog had the text of "translate this page" right next to it, and well I hit the little button and my blog was all translated into spanish, though it didn't make any sense and actually sounded hilarious I am not able to share that with you but I will try and do my best to show you how it would sound like to have my blog translated from spanish to english.

This is the description of my blog at the bottom of the title Egg Yol!

Egg Yol!
Splat one egg in the floor and what do you obtain? Now splat I in am above and what do you obtain? No you even cause on the attempt, if you do it, Me hit the egg yolk with the foot of you. Grace of me while I am pleasant!

If that's how I really sound like to you, someone shoot me in the head please

Happy Friday Everyone!


Vadergrrrl said...

Hola chica.

Que pasa?

te amo mucho.


Yoli said...

ok, buen espanol para estar verde jaja
Ok, girl, first of all you're freaking me out with the Te amo word, just say "Te quiero mucho" Biiig difference. Te amo is for lovers and such and te quiero is for friends, no offense LOL but it feels as if you and I are into something with a spark of romance LOL

Saludos :)

Jamie said...

That was freakin hilarious! I have at least 50 blogs if you look up Jamie. Gaaah, I am sooo unoriginal! Or at least my parents are.

boo said...

i love the translation... from english... to spanish... back to english... yikes!... no sweetie... you don't sound quite as confused as that!... thank the lord... i think we would all struggle... otherwise!..

Joel said...

What the *beep*???

Monkey said...

HAHA! Hilarious!!!! :-)