Monday, October 18, 2004

Rain Drops are falling on my Head!

And they call it a “Storm”…

Well, as I was saying to my friends the other day, “How come it’s fall and we don’t have cold weather or a little bit of rain?” We began the cold season and the weather’s been changing a lot lately. The weather forecast told us we were expecting rain since 2 weeks ago but seemed like the little cloud passed over and didn’t feel like “going”.

On Sunday night at about 2:00 am I heard a weird noise, like water falling out of a water pipe with strength, I thought it was my toilet that maybe broke a pipe or maybe my washer machine or something and I got up to check what it was. Still I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I checked the window outside, It’s raining?? We were not expecting rain this weekend were we? The weather was very hot in the afternoon and I was wearing sandals because it was too darn hot and now it’s raining? I really don’t get it.

It rained all night and part of the morning, my house woke up with a little bit of water inside the living room so I should figure the wind was quite strong. I turned on the news and what do you know? It was a storm that hit us in the night, I don’t know where it came from but it was a heavy rain. It didn’t cause too much of a struggle in my town although you could see lots of mud and rocks all over the street but besides that, the rest of the town was technically dry because of the 182 days we were without rain.

Poor dirt, it was thirsty.

On the other side, there were lots of damages in my neighbor country the USA. I heard there was some floods and mud slides in some parts of the San Diego county and it didn’t stop raining until later in that day.

I am thinking, if they had the kind of daily storms we are used to get in the South of Mexico; the entire area of California would be drowned under the sea by now. Everybody gets so scared with these puny drops of water that everybody wants to run away in Noah’s Arch.

I said to one of my work mates, why we didn’t get as much rain as the guys in San Diego? And my work mate said. “We are so poor not even the clouds come here for a visit”

That cracked me up.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Joel said...

Rains hit Orange County Sunday morn as well.

Vadergrrrl said...

Its a rainy monday in washington state too.


Monkey said...

"We are so poor not even the clouds come here for a visit”
That IS good! :-)