Monday, October 11, 2004

Movie Horror!

With my parents it is…

I remember when I was a midget my parents used to take me to the movie theaters and you all might think “Oh how nice your parents were to take you to see your favorite movies”

Hell no!

They used to take me to see their adult movies, of course not all the time were those porn movies but most of the time with adult graphic scenes, sex and all that things kids are not suppose to see because they’re too young. So I guess I got some sort of trauma ever since when watching movies with my parents.

When I grew up and my parents didn’t go to the movies much anymore, they bought their VCR, and it was like being in hell; again, they would rent these movies with violent sex content and stuff I was still not supposed to watch because still I was too young to watch, although I was about 15 or 16 at the time, it was the worst someone could do to me. I mean, at the theater there wasn’t much of a problem because I just figured there were a lot of other kids around watching the same stuff like me and I was not alone, besides the lights were off and with it also was my shame. But when watching movies in your own home with your parents and the lights are on it’s a nightmare; I could not see the movie entirely because every time there was a sex scene I had the urge to get out of the living room and sometimes I didn’t come back to watch the movie, although it was very interesting not because of the sex scenes but because of the story I just felt, sick.

Anyhoo, now as an adult and a knower of the “occult under the blankets” I had my precautions when renting some sort of movies. I always read the synopsis and the rating of that movie and if it seemed family ok then I would rent it and have my parents watch it with me.

So being as precautions as I am, yesterday I made a big ass boo boo. We rented a few movies and between those there was Scary Movie 3 and Monster. I thought, well, I saw both of the Scary Movies and they were pure sex jokes so my parents will not see that one with me I rather watch it alone, and I read the synopsis on Monster and it didn’t read anything bad about it but I ever read reviews or comments from people who already saw it.

So there goes cute little Yoli asking her parents if they want to see the movie and they both agreed. BIG MISTAKE.

Did the synopsis said “Homosexuality and graphic sex scenes displayed”? NO

Did the synopsis said the movie was about a prostitute who becomes a lesbian? NO

Did the synopsis said the movie was about a homosexual couple? (Not that I or my parents are against it but it’s uncomfortable to watch with the family) NO

So with all that, we saw the movie.

Did I enjoy it? NO

Did I understand the story? NO

You wanna know what I did when Aileen and Selby had sex for the first time? I got out of the couch and cleaned up my mom’s kitchen, threw out the garbage and fixed some more munchies.

It was horrible!

From now own I am definitely going to have to read comments, watch the movie myself before them and if it’s suitable for families to view then I will allow my parents to watch it with me. I’m a good daughter aren’t I?

The End

Happy Monday Everyone!


toron said...

I never saw rater R or X stuff as I was growing up. However, my parents found that there was nothing wrong with letting 2 or 3 year old kids watch zombie movies and all that horror gory stuff. I never regretted watching them, made me the horror movie freak I am now ;) -- Kokoy

Vadergrrrl said...

my mom took me to see Reds when i was a kid. it bored me to tears.

happy monday sweetie.

Joel said...

Repeat after me:

"Before I see movies with my parents, I will go to the following website for a review:".

Yoli said...

Yes I remember my parents taking to see horror movies also, though I could not sleep at night I am also a horror movie freak, so does that mean I should have beena porn freak? yikes haha. :)

I don't recall that movie...but if it bored you then it was boring. I am not watching it though :P

Thanks, now after the trauma you tell me, geeshh!