Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A little bit of Me!

As I have nothing to post today...

I found this fourty something items questionaire in Kokoy's page, if I bore you I won't get upset if you leave.

1. What kind of first impression do you think you give people? Of an antisocial freak a Jehovah’s Witness, rude and mean.
2. What's one thing you like to do alone?Talk to myself infront of a mirror.
3. Are you a giver or a taker? I’m an absolute giver, If I take something I must give it back in one way or the other I don’t like to owe anything to anybody. It makes me feel very uncomfortable.
4. What have you stolen before? Once I tried to steal one Frito Lay Chip from an open bag inside a Supermarket but one supervisor caught me, I had the chip inside my stomach by then so I could not give it back. My mom had to pay for the whole bag though.
5. How many drinks before you're tipsy? Half a can of beer and I’m already on the roof thinking I’m Spider woman.
6. Do you ever have to beg? No, I hate that; I rather do things by my own.
7. What kind of books do you like to read?Anything that will get my attention at the moment. Except for those mushy love stories, hate them to death.
8. Do you think you're cute?Yeah, I know because people tell me so all the time. But not that kind of “Cute” being cute like “Oh look at that little puppy” kind of cute.
9. Do you have a problem changing clothes in front of your friends?Yes I do have a big problem with that.
10. What's the most painful experience you've ever had?Finish a 4 and a half year relationship with the love of my life.
11. Favorite communication method? Writing.
12. Do you care? N.O.!
13. What is your most prized piece of your music collection? All my Michael Jackson CD’s
14. What is the geekiest part of your music collection? All my Michael Jackson CD’s
15. What do you eat when you raid the fridge at night? Nothing. I rather not eat; I hate to go to the bathroom at night
16. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie? The only one “Life is Beautiful” with Roberto Benigni Dec. 11 1998.
17. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done? A Lipectomy and a booby lift.
18. What is a physical habit that gives away your insecure moments? I crack my fingers and bite my lips.
19. Do you know anyone famous? No
20. Describe your bed. A soft and cozy King Size bed with lots and lots of nice and soft pillows oh and a huge body Pillow I just love that pillow is my favorite pillow. Oh yeah, I was talking about my bed, it’s tall too.
21. Spontaneous or planned? Planned, definitely planned.
22. Do you know how to play poker?Kinda but not too much.
23. What do you carry with you at all times? My purse, although I hate to carry it ‘cause it’s too freaking big, it looks like a diaper bag.
24. What do you miss most about being little? Nothing, the nightmare is gone.
25. Are you happy with your given name? Yes, now I am very much, before I hated my name.
26. How much money would it take to give up the internet for 1 year? If it is while at work, my whole yearly salary.
27. What color is your bedroom? It’s cream and white but the curtains are violet matching my quilt.
28. Have you ever been in a play? Yeah, once, and I’ll never do it again, I’m a lousy actress.
29. Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? Yes, I do, very much.
30. Do transient, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? No, but they make me very sad, dammit, that means I do care. dought!.
31. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? No, I consider myself a mean careless person.
32. Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends? No, I spend more time with myself.
33. What's one thing you wish you could do but can't? Make hideous people disappear from the face of this earth with one snap of my fingers.
34. What is your ideal wedding location? As long as I’m getting married I don’t care about the location.
35. What's one instrument you wish you could play? The violin
36. Something you love and hate? My job.
37. What's one language you want to learn? Right now, Farsi, I want to know what my boyfriend’s family has to say when I’m here and I can’t understand a word they’re saying, maybe they’re talking about me.
38. What do you order at a bar? Depends on my mood, Kalua when I’m frisky, or a clamato when I’m feeling spicy.
39. Have you ever pierced your body parts? Do ears count?
40. Do you have any tattoos? Do the fake ones count? I’ve had sticky tattoos the ones that come inside the Cracker Jacks.
41. Would you admit to getting plastic surgery if confronted? Sure, why not? Plastic surgeries are always notorious, I would sound ridiculous if I said no.
42. What's one trait you hate in a person? Hypocrite, I hate hypocrites to death.
43. Do you consider yourself materialistic? Not at all.
44. What do you cook best? Beef with Green tomatoes and chipotle chilli.
45. Do you cry in front of your friends? No, I hate it, I want people to know I’m not a weak person.


Jenn said...

Your to funny. Trying to come off as a non caring person. You do care, and it shows girlie!

Jamie said...

Yeah, I hate people to see me crying also, but I blew it to hell last week. Oh well. I liked this post. I learned a looooot about you. Micheal Jackson? Interesting...

Yoli said...

I really don't care if I care. I just don't care. :)

Sometimes just can't help to drop a little tear once in a while, one time I did and pretended I had dirt in my eyes. About the Michael Jackson CD's...let's not go deeper into the subject. :)

Pup said...

Michael Jackson CDs huh... interesting... :)

Monkey said...

Hey that was fun to read and learn about you!
Thanks for sharing!

Yoli said...

Yo, I said...alright, I'll have to post something about that and so be warned.

You're a sweet monkey, thanks for your nice comments.