Monday, October 25, 2004

Icky Monday!

I feel Bleah…

I’ve had a bad sinus headache since Friday and it’s not going away, I want to take my eyes out and put them in a glass of icy water maybe the pain will go away, or I just might have a big brain freeze and drop into a coma. Anything is better than this headache.

Weekend was not nice, me and my big mouth I don’t know when I will learn; first last week oh yeah I told you that already, the Halloween fest, well I cooperated with going out on the weekend and find a good price for the cake and the candy and some balloons and other crap I already bought, but before that I had to get up at 6 am because I had to take my boyfriend’s car to the mechanic shop for break repair. So there went my super Saturday.

Sunday, well, agh! Had to get up early…again, although my head was killing me, my best friend had a little problem with the roof in her house so I asked my boyfriend if he could help, I would have helped but I’m afraid of heights so I left. Went home, cleaned up around the house, lots of dust by the way and I don’t know where that came from; did the laundry and the groceries. So there went the Sunday.

Monday, (yeah I’m not finished yet) we were supposed to get rain until tomorrow but looked like the little clouds wanted to “go” ahead of time. Did I hear that on the news last night? No. Was I prepared with a rain coat? No. So as soon as I walked out of my house and began driving I saw little bits of rain dropping on the windshield, now I couldn’t go back home ‘cause I was already running late. Now guess who’s getting worst with this flu?


The new HR manager was introduced to us this morning (apparently a super freak monster who my father knows since 16 years ago). This new HR manager has a bad reputation around the industry, everybody who worked or has friends who works where she used to work has something bad to say about this woman. We are afraid, especially me, my father worked with her when he used to work in production and my dad resigned the job she used to make war with my dad.

Now, let’s see, my last name is not popular between the masses, actually I’m an nearly extinct specie; we are only a few with my last name in Mexico and we are all family, so this woman as soon as she heard me saying my last name she gave me this weird look of “I’ve heard that last name before somewhere” (yes you have woman! Stay away from me you beast!). The worst thing I heard coming from this woman’s mouth was “I would like to spend some time with each and every one of you to know your functions in this company, especially I would like to focus in the Production Department as soon as possible” And again she gave me “that look”, she even closed her eyes a little bit.

That woman is a witch I tell you, a witch!

Happy Monday Everyone!


Jamie said...

Lick her phone! Spread the flu to her ass! I am getting ready to start job hunting as my boss is a beeyotch and she's coming back from maternity leave very soon. Bleaaaaaaaach!

Yoli said...

Now that, is a great idea! I'll just cover the big ass camera that's looking at me funny all the time with a piece of fruit bubble gum and then I'll lick her phone. hehe.
Yai, your boss is a woman too? I'm sorry to hear that though.

evilsciencechick said...

Gah! Blogger ate my first comment, I think. Sorry if this appears twice.

Don't give her any justification for hurting you. Just be as nice as possible to her, it'll annoy the HELL out of her!

And yeah, give her the flu!

PS: quick oats or regular oats? dry or already made up?

Yoli said...

Sure thing I'll be nice, then I'll sneeze on her face buawwahahaha.

Re: P.S: How ever you preffer the oats. I like to add it dry because I'm too lazy to cook it in the mornings :) and it doesn't taste so bad, the cardboard box flavor hides away with the vanilla, the cinnamon and the bananas ha ha.

boo said...

hey... she sounds fierce... i think... we should put... a bit of protection around u... so she doesn't notice you as much... if u don't mind?...

Pup said...

Boo Bad Yoli Boss!!

How really bad bosses still exist is beyond me. Why they haven't be knocked off is just bad selection I tell ya.

Sorry to hear about being sick. Being sick sucks!

Vadergrrrl said...

I hope you feel better soon sweetie.


Tricia said...

Do you want me to kill her for you?
Cause I will! ;)

Joel said...

Flee! Flea! (which you can apply to the woman ;)

Avuncular 1 said...

How are you? Are you feeling better? I hope so. How about that evil boss-lady? Is she still evil?
Guess what Yoli? Yo estudio espanol! Just started.

Wendy said...

Yooooooliiiiii!!!!! I hope you're feeling better, girl. Miss you!!!

Yoli said...