Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I think I’m gonna geddit!

Freaky ass weather…

I’ve been trying to get away from the flu since the weather changed last week. Suddenly from one day to the other, we were at 100 degrees and the next day we went down to a 75, and it’s been up and down ever since.

Last week I spend one whole day sneezing my brains out until I think I sneezed the germ out too and the sneezing was gone. Last night the same, I started feeling a little bit cold and dizzy, last night as much as I snuggled under my boyfriend’s arm I could not get myself any warmer and I was awake since 4 am. This morning I got out with an itchy nose and a weird scratchy throat, so this mean the germ attacked me again while I was sleeping, why didn’t anybody told me?

I’m not sneezing, I just feel shivery and scratchy and it’s getting me on my nerves now. Actually I am completely grouchy today, so nobody should talk to me.

My mom sells food as a hobby, she makes what ever you want her to fix you and she’s an excellent cook by the way. My whiny co-worker knew about my mom so she asked for some food for today, I gave her the dish and where is the money? Still in this woman’s pocket of course, I saw her coming and going in and outside my office like 10 times this morning and every time she saw me she said “I’ll pay you right now” (typical Mexican sentence by the way which should never be trusted not even to your closest family members). Yeah right!

I’m great at asking for my stuff back, to the point that nobody owes me anything, not even a paper clip. So with this gift that god has given me as soon as I saw her coming back I said to her “Ok, are you going to pay me with the exact amount or do you need change, because I don’t have change and I need to look for it” to which she replied, “Oh no I have here” “Ok, then I’ll go with you right now to get the money”. And so she had to give me the money because I was so stuck to her like a tick I did not get away from her not even a second.

Of course that made me feel more grumpy; oh well, people will have to deal with me as I am.

But I’m not getting green yet, though I ate green chillis for lunch.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Jamie said...

No green. But I am blue, and red, and purple enough for a f'n rainbow. No green. Glad you got that B to give you the money. Some people just try anything to keep their money!

Remind me not to borrow your paperclips!

Sloth said...

You can stick to me like a tick any time! Well, not when you're sick.

If you stuck to me like a tick and got me sick would you ask for your germs back?

Yoli said...

I am also a great reminder for everything. Just don't ask me about my own stuff because I always forget to remind myself LOL.

I'm a germ free freak, so if I got that flu it was from someone else, that means those germs are actually not mine, so I don't see a problem with you keeping those, you can have them :)

Joel said...

Time for some Cold-EZ(tm). Will reduce any cold and symptoms up to 40%.

Yoli said...

Will I feel high with that thing? If not then I don't want it.. LOL

boo said...

hide in bed... that is what i do... when i am ill... just hiding in general works for me!...

Prestbury said...

It's almost the weekend! You can stay in bed all day if you're still ill.