Friday, October 22, 2004

Ferocious Friday Quickie!

Yes I am ferocious today…

While everybody’s working over here I am having the time of my life blogging, isn’t work beautiful? Although a few of my workmates already know I just blog all day not because I told them but because they caught me, well actually just one girl caught me, the whiny pants girl I shall call her from now on, if you don’t remember her she’s the Manufacturing Eng. who thinks everybody is stupid except her.

Ok, enough about her, let’s get back to me. So she knows I just blog, and she’s pissed, pissed of the fact she’s a working slave and I am not, (in your face woman!) yeah she’s envious and I can feel the bad vibe going on with her over it so I decided to move away from her and for the rest of the people who surrounds her, so I am going to my loner self again, that means no lunching with anybody but myself and my book.

In other news and to finish this Friday quickie, we’re planning a Halloween fest next Friday, there were supposed to be 5 girls coordinating this and I only see myself and the front desk girl making all the arrangements while the rest of the girls are whistling their way out of it, wait a minute, they said they would participate and they’re not. Alright, no candy for those 3 including whiny pants with her whiny kid.

Move away people, I have a soar throat, my super banana oatmeal shake didn’t work, so it’s official I have the freaking flu (thanks DAD for sneezing on my face and spraying some of your germs over me) and I am not becoming a millionaire. Bleah!

And yes, I am in a very bad mood and just a color away from turning green!

Happy Friday Everyone! (Ashheeee!)


Monkey said...

Don't be in a bad mood friend - it's the weekend!!!!!

Jamie said...

Awww, sicky's. I feel your pain, doing it myself!

And ever so sleepyyyy.

I hate whiny pants girl, and I don't know her! She bites. Reading is better, anyway.

Jenn said...

That settles it girlie I am coming to kick whiny pants girls butt. She can't be pissy because you have a wonderful, funny, lovely little spot and the net, I just won't allow it. I am gonna bring Tricia and my boys and Vadergrrrl and we are going to take her out for a very long lunch.

evilsciencechick said...

mmmmm...banana oatmeal shake? I think I need that recipe!

feel better flu-ey yoli!

Tricia said...

Between whiny panys and being sick you should be VERY green right now!

I would give you smooches, but you're sick LOL

boo said...

Hey... the flu gets everyone... eventually... good for ya i say... well i say that... whilst not having it...

Hope u.. enjoyed ur weekend...

Vadergrrrl said...

Big get well hugs mi amiga.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Joel said...

I could so not stop laughing at this post. You are one ferocious chica. Thanks!

Yoli said...

Thank you friend for your nice wishes :)

You sick too? Welcome to the club :P

Yeah good thing you though of bringing back up with you 'cause it's a big ass toosh you'll be kicking, and i mean BIG!

Alright, you can have it, now that I know it works but not as I though it would. It's 6 spoons of oatmeal with 1 banana, 1 glass of milk blended with vanilla and a wee of cinnamon. M M good!

I'm a big booger right now... Meh!

Just for that I'm sending you some of my mexican germs to ya ha!

Thank youuuuu :)
*Sloppy kiss*

What the!